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Movie Review: Bahubali: Epic, the best VFX ever in Indian cinema


Director: SS Rajmouli

Starring: Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia and Anushka Shetty

The movie first caught eyeball because of the humongous budget. This is the highest budgeted movie ever in Indian movie history. Out of a magnificent budget of 160 crores, this one spent 40 crore only on special effects.  So obviously when I went for the movie, though I didn’t expect a  new script or idea, I expected some good effects, like we expect for hollywood movies.

And the movie didn’t disappoint me. This possibly is the best VFX I have seen ever in Indian cinema across languages and borders. The war scenes are really epic, the minute details are really worth praising. As Bahubali, Prabhas has also done very good. The movie is a bit boring in the first half (or should I say not epic) but unlike most these sort of legendary movies, the second half of the film is really great. Few mistakes here and there are ignorable since the team took two long years to complete the film.

Director Rajamouli has given this his all. The film is epic, elaborate, amazingly well-choreographed and is breathtaking at times. The actors Prabhas and Dagubatti are both in their elements as the fighters who belong do different styles of warfare.

The film also promises a sequel that is expected next year. Now the problem with sequels is that they often don’t live upto the expectations set up by the first.

This one definitely gets 4/5 and a must watch.

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  1. Saw a film in the front row for the first time and lived every minute of it #Bahubali wow i dnt think im qualified enough to say this but .

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