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Mom: The Most Wonderful Gift of Life


Very recently there were two things that happened in my life. I just felt I should share those. I think I know that I am not a very good son. I did not do many things, which I should have done for my mother. But I truly love her and the reason I never express it loud because I feel I cannot.

1st Story

I am not an introvert person but I have always found it hard to express my true feelings about anything to my parents. For the same reason in my long 27 years I have never celebrated or wished her on her birthday. Since I needed my parent’s date of birth, I added them on my Google calendar.

Yesterday when I woke up I realized it was my mom’s birthday. I decided I should wish her this time and I did. Later I called one of my friends who is in Agartala and requested to deliver a cake at my home. She was kind enough to do and I felt happy having done something this year.

I was surprised when I came to know it was not her birthday but just a wrong entry on her birth certificate. Her actual birthday is on 15th August. When I asked them why she did not say this when I wished her, she said she was so happy after my call that she did not want to spoil the moment. My mom also said the last time when her birthday was celebrated she was only two years old and after that nobody ever celebrated it.

She got married at the age of 15. She took responsibility of a whole family, managed it well, made their daily errands and forgot her own birthday. This is the story of my mother, may be a common one for all mothers.

Have you ever thought how little you know about your mothers? You get angry with her for not preparing your favourite dish but do you know what is her favourite dish? Do you know her favourite color, her hobby; do you know her well at all?

But she does, she knows all your likes and dislikes, she has celebrated all your birthdays. She prepares your favourite dish and has done it without expecting any return. I know I am getting a bit emotional but this is a fact. We never give our Moms what they deserve, they deserve a better life, they deserve more love and attention from us and the time we realize it, its too late.

follow url Moral: It doesn’t matter whether they say it or not but they love it when you express your love for them to them, when you take a cake on your mom’s birthday at home, when you celebrate their marriage anniversary, when you buy them something, in a word, they love something when you do something which has a touch of love for them.

2nd story

This is not my story; this story belongs to someone else. I am sharing it just because I felt like.

I started my career in a digital marketing start up. There I met a girl named Minakshi (name changed). She used to write content there and since she was from northeast too we bonded well. She is a charming girl and used to laugh a lot and I always admire people who laugh more. I feel laughter is the only medicine in the complexities of life.

Suddenly one day I heard that she left the company, I did not go into details, I thought she did not like working here or she got a better opportunity somewhere else. I felt bad since she did not inform me before leaving since we had some good bond.

Just today I got a message for an unknown number in my WhatsApp and it was her. I felt good to connect with her after so many days. Then she told me the reason she left the company.

While working one day she lost her vision suddenly. She went to the doctor and he told her that because of hypertension and kidney damage her vision is lost. She immediately left the job as she freaked out and went home. Later both her kidneys failed. That time it was her mother who donated one kidney to her.

I was amazed to hear this. We take life so easily but can we sacrifice something from our body at all. Only a mom can and who cannot see her son or daughter dying. I felt deep respect for her mom and again I felt we do so less for our moms but the sacrifice they do for us can’t be compared with anything else. I am putting one status of that friend of mine from her Facebook,

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