Arvind wins Delhi
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“Modi” Ji Nai Dilli main apka swagat hai, Clear Learnings

After the mammoth victory in Delhi, one thing is coming to a clear. That the NaMo juggernaut is close to halt now and there is a need for something special to keep the show running for the BJP government. Once Delhi chooses Arvind unanimously, the city and through them, the nation will tell the Prime Minister that in this changing country, a country which is now developing in intelligence and information gathering, where the number of youth is far more than the generation who accepted the politics of no change, there is no place for speeches, rhetorical statements, name calling and antics. Delhi through rejecting Modi’s charisma has rejected the claims and promises the government had made in the run-up to the general elections.

But this change in mindset and rejection is not a result of a day or a month. It’s because of multiple things. I tried thinking of a few and these come to mind first.

– In Delhi, unlike in Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Haryana and J&K, there was a better alternative. People in the states that BJP and Modi won were sick of the rule that was prevalent and were desperate for change. Fortunately for the Modi wave, there was no honest and good-looking alternative apart from the BJP.

– What were the BJP doing? I mean the kind of campaign that they executed would even turn an educated, literate man follower of theirs away from them. And believe me BJP was bidding high on the middle class and this is the same middle class who would have seen ugly caricatures of Arvind first thing in the morning in newspapers and went away from Modi and Shah. It was vitriolic and ugly to say the least.

– People voted the BJP to see a change. A change away from casteist and religion politics to the politics of pro-people and development. But what did BJP do. Some Sakshi Maharaj spoke anti-women, some CM said women should not wear jeans, a Pragya used a very bad slang against minorities and days before the elections another called Arvind a bad word. In this day of electronic and social media where news and opinions travel faster than the speed of sound, this turned against the promises made by the BJP. Definitely a big reason for the downfall.

– A lot of their promises started to fall flat. They started to look like liars or at least AAP was successful in projecting the same. Then they also made statements like “ Election Jumla” for the promises made around bringing back the black money. Its one thing to not being able to deliver, it’s another to go back and ridicule your promise.

– Another big reason is also the divide that the campaigners, the lead ones, created. While you could see Modi talking from the high pedestal of a stage, Arvind was always on the ground, hugging the common man, being one of them. In a city like Delhi, this has to make a difference because its not a Jharkhand or a Maharashtra where class divides exist and the voter does not expect a mass leader to speak from between them.

Lastly, this point is something I gathered after talking to a lot of BJP volunteers. A lot of people, young boys and girls who played a crucial role in BJP’s victory across seven seats in Delhi in the Lok Sabha elections were alienated after the victory. I have been personally told that “these guys have turned arrogant after the victory” and there is no more dangerous enemy than someone from within you. I know of many volunteers who vehemently campaigned for AAP this time. The results show the same.

Delhi will certainly show the BJP a mirror and if they fail to learn, a lot of opposition is brewing up in Bihar as can be seen. With AAP winning in Delhi, Punjab will also throw a huge challenge to Modi and his team.

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