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MI Band – Worth it


FINALLY the much awaited mi band has hit the online market it is exclusively available @mi.com.

http://wpchotsprings.com/Andrea-Velasquez-explica-como-se-VOTA-por-la-UNIDAD-en-Caroni--VenezuelaQuiereCambio(EA3biphTNco) Design: The Mi Band is a two-piece design, with the actual electrical and tracking component being independent from the silicone or leather band you wear it in. The actual tracking module (which I’m just going to call the “pebble” from this point on) measures in at 36mm x 14mm x 9mm and weighs just five grams. It has no buttons to press, just two gold plated studs to charge it with (although the top cover may be sensitive to touch in some way). The pebble’s face is an aluminum plate that has three small “dots” (which are actually just sets of 90 or so micro-drilled holes injected with silicon) for each of the three individual LED lights.

http://waldviertler-neurofruehling.com/?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed Features:

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The Mi Band allows a user to track their steps and groups it into individual periods of exercise. This also includes identifying whether or not the wearer is jogging or just walking, although I’ve found that bit to be fairly inaccurate – it would say I’m running when I was just walking, or that I was walking when I was just running. It still recorded the steps accurately, just didn’t correctly identify the actual activity.


Whatsapp (with the LED lights flashing in green),

SMS messages (with the LED lights flashing in blue),

Twitter (with the LED lights flashing in light blue),

The clock (with the LED lights flashing in white),

Gmail (with the LED lights flashing in red),

Inbox by Google (with the LED lights flashing in orange),

Agent (with the LED lights flashing in purple).

Auto Unlock: Another feature for the Mi Band that is limited to those with MIUI (Xiaomi’s Android OS) and Android Lollipop is automatically unlocking the phone with the Mi Band

Battery life

The battery life on the Mi Band is phenomenal. At no point should you expect any less than 30 days of battery life, and this can go as high as three months on a single charge. For me personally, I last charged it two weeks ago and even with my very heavy usage I still have 55% battery life remaining. This means that I should be looking at least another two weeks before I have to charge it, and at most another three weeks.

FINAL VERDICT: According to me if you are concerned about your fitness activities and don’t want to spend much just go for this. Its a steal.

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