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#metoo (dedicated to the spoken & the unspoken)


She screamed source link metoo and a thousand http://ghostprof.org/teaching/past-courses/engl250spring2014/contact/ metoo echoed back,

Knowing less her voice would shake up the rack.

What did she do wrong, what did she lack

Her buy Lyrica in australia metoo this time has created a crack! 

She looked around and the metoo only grew, 

She looked closer and it was someone she knew. 

For once her sky was the brightest blue

Even the Gods seem to acknowledge her metoo

She can’t tell if this metoo will make a difference, 

But will surely speak volumes of her resilience. 

Though she wishes much these memories she could undo, 

The scares that made her today say metoo

  • Today her metoo may seem but just a label, 

But tomorrow it may turn tables. 

This pain is for real & so is their metoo

I can feel it, can you too!? 

~ Joyleen John-Nair

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