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Meet Nitin Sachinist, the man who named him after Sachin Tendulkar

Hi everyone.. I am Nitin Sachinist. A devotee of the man popularly known as God of cricket ”SACHIN TENDULKAR”. My passion and love towards the legend and cricket started during childhood around at the age of 10 if I remember right. Since then I am his fan and as I grow old, of all my habits, the only thing that remains is the love towards him.

ashwagandha 750 mg Sometimes when I play cricket I try copying him but fail badly considering I am not even .0000001 close to the legend. Whenever I talk of Sachin Tendulkar I don’t know how to express my feelings about him as I get so excited I just get awry. I try telling a lot but end up telling not even a little. I have only watched him play in cricket. His last match was my last match that I watched.

I broke down badly when he retired from ODI’s. I was devastated because of missing him in colored clothes on the cricket ground, because of not seeing him open when India would bat. The sky fell on my head though on the day he retired from all formats. I asked myself what will I do from here. My life with cricket was coming to an end on 16-11-2013 . From that day till now I have never watched a single match.

Sachin Tendulkar sketch by Nitin

Suddenly something in me said that I need to meet him. I wanted to gift him/show him something that I had made for him. Meeting him as you would know would had been really tough but these words from the master: ”CHASE YOUR DREAMS THEY DO COME TRUE” helped me in the journey towards aspiring to meet him. Finally three days after the match I was able to meet him. I felt I have met God, a God who though resides over all of us is so humble and nice.

Meeting him has not been as difficult from then onwards. I have presented him more sketches and he has always felt good seeing them. Yes, I have now met him and keep seeing him on and off. But I miss him a lot on the cricketing ground. I miss the cover drives, square cuts, straight drives and all the shots that he would play with so much finesse. I miss his humility and his controversy free cricketing style.

I know this would feel like a mad rant but as I wrote above, whenever I talk of Sachin Sir, I end up saying things which would look pretty ordinary but that is because the excitement takes over the writing finesse. Isn’t that what a true fan is? I leave that for you to answer.

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