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Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ??

Media harming ‘India Idea’ with Good Intentions ??

We honestly believe in Alamma Iqbal that Mazhab nehin shikhata aapas mein bair rakhna ! Then why must we abdicate our lofty religious ideals to the rantings of the lunatic fringe on either side ?

I havent authorised any such person to speak for my religion ! So must be the case with friends from other religions ! Why then the over zealous media is flogging such issues in the name of freedom of speech ? While asking all to rein in rant they themselves hijack public dicourses towards greater intolerance ? They have almost pushed the nation to the brink trying to save us? Hightime for them to restrain their own motor-mouths on such sensitive issues !
Weird statements by lumpens of all shades get limelighted by hundred tv cams and thousand print column cms ,whipping up vicious cycles of hate speeches ? What is our journalism upto? Will they cease only after destroying our nation ? And why should we leave our religions to be misinterpreted by obscure ignoramuses of all shades and still worse, the incendiary ‘media-punditry’ ? I doubt their liberalism, secularism, patriotism and TOLERANCE of the contrarian views ! We know Media is a necessary devil in a democracy alright, but must they always overdo the devilry bit and kill India with their so called ‘good intentions’ ! Do they have an agenda ? I am inclined to believe! I wish to be wrong! But journos pl also work towards resolution of conflicts by skillful and harmonious reporting, offering balmy solutions , while still not compromising on truth !
U must also work as doctors of the mind , not only inflict inciting spiral commentaries ! My humble appeal to media is – bash the devil but spare the nation pl !
‘Surgeons cut to cure
but a good surgeon knows how not to cut more than necessary’ !

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