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Masaan Movie Review

Yesterday I went for Masaan. It was a really nice movie, specially the first half. The second half became a little less logical and I would have really appreciated if they wouldn’t have shown those coincidences that they have shown in the movie. Life isn’t a happy ending always and we better show it like that. That’s how a director can be different Karan Johar.

But the first half of the movie was really good. It reminded me of the adventure made by Mumbai police in Mumbai few days ago where they arrested many couples from different hotels for indecent behavior.

Later the movie shows that the cop who was blackmailing the father of the girl who got caught in the hotel himself has got a little daughter and it depicts the pathetic picture of human kind where they only care of something when it comes to them. Its really not a big deal if the women from the neighborhood gets raped, infact then you might want to go there and taunt her but you start understanding her problem when it comes to your own family.

The problem is not the bad cop, the problem is our own society where we criticize and look down upon such things, once that is finished no woman will fear such things.

In a word this movie is really nice and opens up many chapters of life, worth watching it once for sure.

Rate: 4/5

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