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Marriages Are Made In Heaven – 3

My eyes are sore today, lack of sleep and too much of anguish has incited laughter from within.

I laugh at my helplessness, at the thought of me being punished for something that this constitution has labeled criminal.

It’s been quite a while since I had attempted something adventurous in my life. By my calculations, my presence on this earth had completed about twenty-six years, and that pretty much is the time I had taken to do something wild in my life. Infact my parents tell me, the only stuff I ever did that was wild was when I did not cry while entering this world. Obviously my loved ones had their hearts in their mouth then, but thinking about it today definitely makes them smile a little.

Its hard to believe that a sorted person like me could end up in such a mess. The last few weeks has been very exhausting for my parents, their blue eyed boy who for them was the best investment of their life had shockingly collapsed like a pack of cards. What baffles me the most is the quick turn of events that took place.

I still vividly remember, my training at the company was giving me quite a few headaches, the bullying bit had continued there too, but I was extremely determined to grasp the teachings as quickly as possible. I was slowly coming to terms with the concept of office politics, and was practicing the art to deal around with it, when my parents all of a sudden announced their arrival.

Beta! Tiffin lete jao, tumhara favourite banaye hai aaj. There is an old cliché, my mother makes the best food in the world. You know I had always wondered, can’t we have a competition for mothers in food making? Only too realise that the creative brains in our TV industry were as dumb as me. Anyways there were the perks of my mom being around, I became an organized blue-collar labourer from a disorganized bachelor.

Till the time they stayed, I found the strength to deal with all the problems at my company and was happy in general. Then the inevitable happened, they left and went back to their own lives, leaving me with habits that I could hardly afford. It was during this phase that my younger brother visited me, my distant relatives that erupted out of nowhere, during my parents visit came calling, and then finally I was summoned back home post my training for a quick weekend break.


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