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Main Hun Hero Tera – Poetic Cover


This “Poetic Cover” of the song “Main Hun Hero Tera” is a new take on the popular Salman Khan Song.  I understand that the original version is compelling, but I have tried redefining its grandeur in my own way. Suggest you to read this piece while you hear the original song in the background.


Aankhon ke panno pe
Maine likha tha sau dafaa
Lafzon mein jo ishq tha
Hua naa hothon se bayaan
Khud se naraaz hoon
Kyun be-aawaaz hoon
Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa
Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bataa 

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

I can walk hundred miles and more
To bring a smile on your face that I entirely adore
Give me a chance to wipe away your every tear
Let me just steal away your sorrow and fear

It means so much to have you in my life
The love I have for you fills up my days with pleasure
Your smile, your cuteness helps create
Close, special moments together that I treasure

Every minute I spend with you
Firms my believe, we will make it through
Fate has already decided, it’s time for us to be together
I promise to love you always and forever

I belong to you
I belong to you
I belong to you….

Teri wajah se hai mili
Jeene ki sab khwahishein
Paa loon tere dil mein jagah
Hai yeh meri koshishein
Main bas tera banu
Bin tere naa rahun
Maine toh maangi hai yeh duaa

Dil hai yeh sochta
Phir bhi nahi pataa
Kis haq se kahun bata..

Ki Main Hoon Hero Tera

I have never been so happy
I can’t portrait a world without you and me

We are below same skies
Let me gaze at your eyes
Let my lips come near your face
Enable me to remember how you taste
Let me capture this moment forever
You are not just my dreams, something much better

Without your love, what would I do
I don’t need anything that doesn’t involves you

I want to yell to the world
The story of my life was all about you
My first love will be my last and I belong to you

I belong to you
I belong to you
I belong to you



I have given this term “poetic cover” which stand for the new lyrics introduced within the song that discovers something new within the song and redefine the listener’s appreciation for a tune they’ve heard dozens of times.


Original Song Lyrics ©: Kumaar
Cover Lyrics ©: Amiya Mahapatra 2015

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