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Lose yourself…to find yourself

As women we are wired differently. Some may call it complex. We have so many roles to play in a single lifetime as challenging as it may sound. Some turn out great..some just alright..some good..and some not so good.

chloromycetin 250 mg para que sirve Being a woman, I was set to do a lot in life, however realised it wasn’t so. My role today as a homemaker, mother of two, a wife, a daughter and a daughter-in-law may seem a daunting task given the fact I gave up a lucrative job of nine years post my second pregnancy.

Why did I do it? The thought is still inconclusive as some decisions are impulsive! But I did it! Do I regret switching roles? Not completely to be honest. Cause in a single lifetime a chance befalls on you and you wish to envisage what’s on the other side..a window of opportunity to explore the untouched domain of your being, your strengths your weakness your core nature.

It dawned upon me in the course of time that I was a natural multitasker. I had a huge memory base, terrific reflexes and the innate strength to keep going come what may. In short I had discovered possibilities beyond impossibilities!

Yes! There is a tunnel with a start point which leads you to another start point… which means you start with a little light and end up with enlightenment!

Yup that’s me!

You got to lose yourself (new role) to find yourself (strengths)

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