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Recently I was in Delhi for just a single day but wanted to dine at an interesting location which is like an oasis in the noisy locales of Delhi. I chanced upon Sewara Hospitality‘s Lodi – The Garden Restaurant. Situated in Lutyens Delhi, just next to Lodi Gardens on Lodhi road, it is like a peaceful and romantic sanctuary. Just stepping inside made me forget all the traffic issues present in Delhi.

lotensin buy 2014 Lodi – The Garden Restaurant has both interior seating and exterior seating. As the night when I went there was relatively cooler, I preferred to sit outside which was a wise choice as the decor was fabulous and the lighting was really excellent. The entire al fresco decor was perfect for a relaxing evening out with your family, friends or romantic interest!

The bar is well stocked and can whip up some really exciting and refreshing cocktails. Some of the most recommended items are Fresh Rosemary And Thyme Quinoa and Homemade Fig Ice Cream.

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is just next to Lodhi gardens which showcases 16th & 17th century Mughal architecture and beautifully decorated tombs with a well laid out garden consisting of small water bodies and a variety of flora and fauna. This restaurant is almost like an extension of Lodhi gardens!

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is famous for their Char Grills. One of the best Char Grills suggested by the manager was the Pork Ribs glazed with House Barbecue Sauce. This was perfectly cooked and the meat was just sliding off the bone. The sauce was a perfect accompaniment to the pork ribs.

If you like seafood, you must definitely try out Prawns specially the seasame coated deep fried Prawns with sweet chili. It is scrumptious and melts in your mouth!

If you are in Delhi and want to take your significant other for a romantic and fun evening, don’t look further than Lodi – The Garden Restaurant on Lodhi road in Lutyens Delhi. They also have lot of interesting events happening, so call them at 9818743232 to check out what’s happening and if you wish to plan a special event there too!

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