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Life changing decision I made… and I am happy

For every person, deciding which college to go to and to choose the course is a very big decision. For many this is not a problem and an easy task while others need to do serious thinking of what they really want to do and how they see themselves after 6 or 7 years. I fall under the category of latter. I knew which course I wanted but was aloof about the fact what I would do with it and where I should it. I got B.Sc Microbiology in Scottish Church college, M.Sc integrated in Biotechnology in VIT, Vellore and B.Tech Biotechnology in SRM University.

Now I had to decide where to go. When people say that there are instances where you make life changing decisions, they really do emphasise on the life changing part. I chose Chennai over Vellore and Kolkata. Honestly, the only reason I chose Chennai that moment was because I really wanted to get out of Kolkata. I had taken a lot. A lot of pain and frustration. True, there are blissful memories as well but the frustration of 7 years had piled up and I couldn’t take anymore. I say 7 because I initially resided in Kathmandu, Nepal. I shifted to Kolkata in 2005.

I do have to say that the person I am right now was shaped by my experience in Kolkata and the people around me, in and out of school, I never understood them. Understanding them took me 5 years and the last 2 years was a race against time. I don’t completely blame the people because even I have made a lot of mistakes consciously. Mistakes I can’t undo. Mistakes that made me loose a lot of people. Mistakes that define me now. Mistakes from which I have learned and made myself strong.

Thus, I had to start afresh somewhere far but yet very similar to Kolkata. Chennai is far and another metropolitan like Kolkata. So that was it. I had decided to shift to Chennai. Of course the next thing was where would I stay in Chennai. SRM has hostel provision so that was the best option I could go for. And so 9th July, 2013 remains a very important day for me forever. The day I arrived in Chennai. Not for the first time had I arrived at a new place but definitely the first time to understand and learn from a diverse group of people.

I already had made sure in my mind that I would not make the same mistakes again and thus came in an important personality change. Patience. I never had it but now I do. I made friends fast. Hostel life seemed easy. I made friends in my class and life was going smooth. I could see many people get in and out of relationships while I was holding on to mine just fine. Well, at least that’s what I felt. 3 months in SRM and I was happy. But little did I know life had something else planned for me. And everything started to fall apart.

Hostel life started showing its true colours. Imagine your own roommates ganging up on you and bullying you. Your only friends in hostel whom you felt would be your support ditched you when you needed them the most. The person who meant a lot to you decided to call things off when you were finally adjusting to the new life. And losing your first Android cell phone your parents gave you with their hard-earned money.

I felt as if everything was over for me. Karma indeed gets you back. What goes around, comes around. I felt it was the punishment I deserved for whatever bad I did in my past in Kolkata and I was paying up. It was hard but the 1st semester got over and the winter break went by and the 2nd semester took off. How time flies, I do not know. But I do know that time has in store for something good for you for every bad.

When I was almost giving up hope that is when I met few amazing people. People whom I felt I could trust completely. My 18th birthday was the best birthday I’ve ever had. This one special person made me feel special again. She gave me hope. She taught me never to give up on life. Life has up’s and down’s but the experience is what matters. We should learn from our mistakes and move on. And so I believed her and I moved on.

In my hostel, I made another amazing friend. Another pixie like me. She is what people call my girlfriend. Of course we have a very sisterly relationship and we both are straight in sexual orientation. Then I met this boy who reminds me a lot of my own brother. He is annoying but fun to be around. Then there is this elder sisterly figure who keeps my priorities before her’s. Then there is this couple who are extremely adorable and humorous. They know exactly what to say at what time and then there is this one person whom I feel is my male version. He is my best friend and the person I love a lot.

Though the person who taught me to live life again is no more around us for her own personal reasons. But I am thankful to her for she is the one who revived hope in me and develop the never give up but yet at times it’s best to let go attitude. Minus her, all the others are special to me. People I am close to. People I adore and respect. Every day I learn and grow. Not just physically but also mentally. I am grateful to have this life.

These people around me and most importantly a family that supports me, teaches me and loves me no matter what. Through everything there was one person right from the start holding me back from doing something stupid. One person whom I will forever be indebted to. One person who is like the elder brother I never had. One person I can trust throughout my life. One person who makes me feel the month of June is special than the rest. For when people say you will make a decision that changes your life, they REALLY emphasize on the change part. For me, deciding to come to SRM University was a life changing decision and it has indeed changed my life completely and I am happy I made the decision.

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