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Letter to a Jihadi

Dear Mr Jihadi,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my few friends around me. Here I want to acknowledge that you and your men have made the world learn how to push the limit of inhumanity to the next level each time you execute a mass killing project. Sometimes I wonder, what kind of thought process a man needs to conceive this level of reasonless cruelty and hatred.  But then, out of curiosity I want to ask – who are your real enemies.

I couldn’t identify them by a particular colour, a particular race, territory, religion, thought school or any particular sect of people. You kill blacks, you kill whites, you kill westerners, you kill in the east, you kill Jews, Christians, Hindus, even Buddhists, the sect that preaches non-violence. You kill army men, you kill civilians, you kill foreigners, and sometimes I heard that you kill your own people!! I have concluded that you have hostility with the one who doesn’t believe in hate and antipathy!!

After all, everybody cannot be your enemy. You are just a fanatic out on a killing spree. Hence, I gave up understanding your case, because I found it stupid and senseless.

However, this time you managed to shock me to no end. You have executed an assault on school children!! What would you avenge by killing innocent children?? By targeting kids who do not even understand the meaning and background of your thoughtless Jihaad?? For them you and a common man are equal, they cannot differentiate between justice and injustice, yet they are your target.

Any way I believe these ethical statements don’t hold any meaning for you. The people you killed before were also equally innocent. I often wonder whether you were ever taught words, such as ‘sympathy’, ‘humanity’ and ‘ethics’, since they do not find a place in your dictionary?

I have heard about blood shed for a common cause. However, the prerequisite for this is a crisis. Here, I’m referring to communism, radical left, radical right, nationalism. But whatever, and however much I learnt about your organization, I failed to understand the reason for your crisis – the reason why you feel the need to kill innocents.

Probably I’m ignorant about the reason that you have for killing everyone around you, even children. Few readers of this letter might come up with an argument, justifying your act. But take this advice, your advocates has to be very robust in their rationale to justify your act of KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN.

One thing I must tell you Mr. Jihadi, the practice that you have taken up for earning your sense of justice for your fictitious crisis, is not going to let you live in peace. The hatred you and your company have earned from all around the world has got so heavy, the magnitude of negativity spinning around you – people will not let you stay in peace and tranquility. I am not a sufferer from any of your killing spree ventures, yet. But what I have concluded from my learnings, that a society, a community, a religion and the law should declare you as MORE HARAM THAN THE SWINES.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours, (target in one of your next level of inhuman killing project)

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