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Lets educate our Men first

Being a resident of Delhi for 25 years I can easily conclude the following:

benzac ac wash price in india You wear a nice fitted top and jeans, 90% of the men will stare at you. On the other hand if you are fully clad in a salwar kameez dupatta, less than 10% of them will hardly give you a second glance.

Funny isn’t it.

Sad, but true story. And many women I spoke to agreed to my observation.

And since then I preferred wearing a dupatta whenever I stepped out of home. I felt safe. Two weeks it continued. But then I asked myself, is this just? The kind of dress I wear is directly proportional to the times I invite weird stares by men passing by?

A dirty stare leads to a naughty thought. A naughty thought leads to excitement. Excitement accompanied by sexual frustration leads to arousal. Arousal plus illiteracy leads to rape. Yes.

My friends outside Delhi tell me how unsafe they feel when they visit Delhi. They call it the rape capital of India! When I travel outside the country, people question the integrity of my people back home. My head hangs in shame. I have no answers in return.

One of our state ministers proudly commented after the horrifying rape on 16th December 2012 that most of the rape cases occur because women dress provocatively. Sounds crazy to me at least. Sir, please, the problem dosent lie the way women dress. It lies in the way your boys are brought up. You encourage girls to study. Great. Thanks. But I think, its time we educate our boys first. How would you explain a man raping a 5-year-old girl?

An average Indian girl learns the basic societal mannerism, ethics and morals by the way she is brought up at home. But we forget to teach all that our boys. They forget that its a woman who gives birth to a child. They need to understand that women are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and not objects of sexual entertainment.

Or they know and understand that women are much more powerful than men. But this hurts the ‘male ego’. And they show their superiority by raping because she’s physically weaker.

How many men would like to work under a powerful female boss? Very few.

This three letter word- EGO is an atom bomb in disguise. It beats education too.

But then, we must do what we can. Educate. Women AND MEN, dont ignore them. The problem lies in the grass root level. Strict police patrolling, stringent anti rape laws, restrictions on alcohol, pepper sprays, karate classes, etc will help. But education is what will make a difference.

Because even if a woman is fully covered from head to toe, a sexually frustrated drunk beast will anyway rape her.

So yeah, for once, it should be MEN FIRST.

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