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Lets be Fair & Lovely!


Union Minster Giriraj Singh’s recent jibe and the likes of him who comment on women and color of their skin shouldn’t come as a thunderbolt to us women.

This is what the society, the world at large has been reduced to! Coming to think of it,there is hardly a urban-rural divide on this matter too! While mothers would constantly pursue the ends of the earth for the ideal sundar bahu (beautiful daughter in law) more like browsing through a fashion catalog then why barge men for their toothless comments. What value system, sensitivities and sensibilities are we expecting from them?

While matrimonial columns in print and on websites continue to flash scores of advertisements seeking “fair and beautiful” brides as if, that may seem to be the tried and tested formula for a successful union; who is to be blamed for it? While we still endorse fairness creams and similar products as if, that may ensure you better marriage proposals, high end jobs, self confidence and “fair” place in the society; who is responsible for this tag!

While the loose comments of ministers and like minded men meted out on woman which is a regular feature and ends up in a routine apology cannot be exalted, also what cannot be warranted for is our double standards and our helplessness which is woman-made.

To each woman, let us first be “fair” to each other. We are often seen and heard bestowing outrageous comments on each other which is indeed unfair and unbecoming of us. Lets blame us as, we have caused enough pain by not being fair to ourselves! however fair skinned one maybe our shadows say otherwise.South Indian Bridal Looks by Shindy Make-up Artist - 05 - Fuzon Photography

Yes! They say..we are the fairer sex however let it speak so for our fairness in thoughts words and deeds! Men may mouth ruthless and callous statements, we woman need to show them the mirror. Lets uproot what has bound us! mothers let your sons know what a fair woman is rather than whats fair in a woman..lets begin now…while fairness campaigns may never end..the campaign against unfairness must begin!

Like Maya Angelou so beautifully says..” You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

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