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Movie Review: Kuch Kuch Locha Hai


Cast: Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Farid Amiri

Director: Devang Dholakia

Producer: Mukesh Purohit

The movie should be renamed as Sabkuch Locha hai.

Locha number 1: Confusing story

Locha number 2: Outdated jokes

Locha number 3: Weak direction, bad screenplay

Locha number 4: God knows why the director is so possessive with the word Locha

Locha number 5: Dialogue delivery

And the biggest locha is planning and executing such a movie. There is nothing in this movie at all. I think Ram Kapoor should be more careful about his movie selection. The last movie I remember of him was Humshakals and that was even a bigger Locha.

Rating: 1/5

Worth watching : Only if you are using Internet.org and can not open Sunny Leone’s website.

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