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Kolkata, We Are Sorry

As you must have seen it in news, a flyover which was under construction for five long years ultimately collapsed and at least 25 died instantly. No idea what lies under these metal structures. We just want to say that we are sorry, we are sorry for Kolkata and we are sorry for the blame game we see afterwards.

The Builder who was responsible for this blames the god, says its nothing but an act of God (though there was no record of earthquake) , Mamata Banerjee blames the left front as the flyover had built commission under CPIM ruling time.

I remember few years back another Flyover collapsed few years back and the reason given that time was a truck. Yes, you would not believe, that time it was told that because a truck full of goods had used the flyover.

Check the CCTV video here.

We hope a proper investigation will be done this time to find out the culprit.

And Kolkata, we are sorry.


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