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Kejriwal: A Party Is Not A Nation


This is not a rebuttal to I just wanted to make my views on the below mentioned article a bit stronger.

The big question is, how important is Arvind Kejriwal is in the context of ‘India Now’ and how much time we will spend talking about Aam Aadmi Party and clicking and sharing on Social Media Pages! Should we create the buzz again or should we consider “Let it be, I am not interested in AAM politics anymore”. Let us talk only the leadership issues.

Taking an example: When Mamata Banerjee won few seats in West Bengal, in the first phase of TMC days. She tried to work on few areas over political and social development. She failed, because she had only three seats.

Seeing no other formula work she continued with her ‘Bandh’ strategy and continued blaming the leading party for creating obstacles. When she took the power she used the 24×7 media coverage to promote all her daily initiatives and the outcome is not hidden. West Bengal is still struggling for investments. Probably only people changed and nothing else.

The story of Aam Aadmi Party is quite different beginning from the fact that the initiative was in Delhi, the capital. The city alone hogs more than 60% of media coverage in India.

Kejriwal too became the attention seeker by many means. The party got power and started complaining that the system is not co-operating with them. Delhi Police ignored a leader in front of the media; parliament is not giving value for their proposed solution of Lokpal Bill and many more. He complained, he requested, he went for Dharna! I mean it’s hilarious! Imagine Sheila Dixit on hunger strike, coz a policeman ignored one of her leaders in public!

The people were different, the location and time was different but the tone was the same.

Is that you call, a leader?

Or you call it ‘Gandhi Factor’! For every problem, there is one solution, “Hunger Strike”! Like Arvind Kejriwal has his Dharna! Do you appreciate such leadership?

A good man is not always a good leader. Mother Teresa could be the PM of India. She could do her best effort for the poor people! I agree that a country should consider corruption as a major issue, but as a common man, is that the only one. What if a CM stays with the same only one issue that is corruption?

A CM has many more problems to solve; a leader has many more things to introduce in the system. Corruption is one of the ancient social issues that can only be solved by a joint approach of awareness creation and strict policies. A CM means power. If a CM starts complaining, that will only create a negative impact on the society.

Kejriwal was becoming media food. You have him with morning breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is always available on news. He can be in Janta Darbar or in Dharna! Development is not something you need to ‘expose’. It is a process with a clear outcome that is visible. For any government, I suggest, it is more important to make people feel, their life is developing.

Ministers who will meet the people and get suggestions make the process slower. I think, before his appointment he forgot to do his homework. He could gather suggestions from online platform.

source site Mahila Suraksha Dal: After 14th February 2014, the proposal became unrealistic. No to FDI: I don’t want to make a debate on the topic. Ban on FDI-Retail in a capital is base-less.

buy modafinil in spain Loksabha Election Result: People don’t like Congress and some people don’t like BJP. Who is left? The story behind vote share of Aam Aadmi Party is that simple.

Expectation on high and Fuss: Want to see? Here are six day reaction stories on Kejriwal.

Day 1: I love Kejriwal.

Day 2: I hate Kejriwal; he’s a Congress agent

Day 3: I love Kejriwal, he gave free water!

Day 4 : I hate Kejriwal, he took Government cars,

Day 5: I love Kejriwal, he came out with a anti-corruption number.

Day 6: Who Kejriwal?  Politics? No, there’s an India-New Zealand match on right now!”

A poor party demonstration especially when the party has such a strong foundation!

Same on the foundation issues:

Day1, 2, 3…100: Corruption should be sentenced to death.

And a last question to Kejriwal, as a common man: Dear sir, you wanted to be in the system, people supported you. You are unable to manage the power of Delhi CM, You are not able to manage your party and you are dreaming to be the PM of India?

Someone said it right, ‘Dream Big’.

Now you tell me, can the common man make his image better anymore?



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