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Kapoor & Sons – a cheesy family portrait

Kapoor & Sons – If this is what we call “-Dysfunctional Family” then would prefer this Venkataraman & Son (estd 2006)????

purchase zithromax Imagine the sight of the nilgiris toy train zipping through its journey from the plainlands to the hills- the steamy start, the huff and puff as it starts leaving behind all signs of habitation and slowly chugs away into the wilderness, the glory of the nature, hooting intermittently as it meanders its way through numerous tunnels and curves…the journey might be long but the effect it has on the tired souls is unbelieveable!!!

Thats what this bold, whacky,urbane and stirring drama does…just as the mountain rail journey, Batra skillfully weaves magic in the way she unfolds this simple but multilayered tale with loads of subtleness. This is what makes it ‘hatke’ despite the khandaan, family bakwaas, sibling rivalry…we are used to watching.

RK sr rocks, Sid is adorable,Alia is cute, Rajat/Shah are pure vintage but the show stealer is Fawad who gets to prove his prowess atlast.

There are secrets too…some of the family portraits are laced with such…but then they are supposedly “Moments Frozen with a cheese????”

Watch it to know how difficult it is to have a smiling family photu.

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