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Kanhaiya vs Modi – a healthy discussion


First of all, apologies for the title. This is beyond Kanhaiya or Modi but used this title so that people can relate easily. So this morning I had a very healthy discussion with one of my friend. He supports Modi whereas I am no anti modi but I feel nobody is above question, even if it is Modi and since we elected him, he is more answerable to us. So I am putting the discussion below and hope this will give you the idea of both side of the coin.


The story starts with a post on Facebook. My friend, lets say his name is Rajeev is a good man and works in an MNC. Very often it happens even if both are intelligent and understands current issues of India believe in entirely two different things. So my Friend posted this photo on Facebook.





Me: When I see the very first line wrong, I lose all interest to read more, check this wiki link


Rajeev: I actually see no reason to support this person. But yes I know people are there who speaks in favour of him. I actually wonder why. This person talks ill about our prime minister and that is sufficient for me to speak against him. There are so many other things that I would not want to discuss. One question, when this guy talks nonsense, why people do not share wiki links. It’s because few people feel he is always correct.


Me: He doesnt say ill about PM but he does question the performance of PM and i see no reason to dislike a person just bcoz he asks question to PM. The PM is all the more answerable to nation because we elected him. Tomorrow if Rahul Gandhi, god forbids, becomes the PM, then also people will speak against Rahul. The chair of PM does not insulate one from criticisms rather it makes one more responsible.

Kanhaiya never spoke ill about our PM, he is just against certain ideologues. Sharing things like when he did his graduation and what he is doing till now makes no sense. What will people do with kanhaiya’s degrees? Specially when a RTI plea to DU refuses to answer on our own PM’s education! Check!

India is the only country where the education of its ministers is never taken into consideration! How funny! And peole who study or want to study are made the butts of joke. How impossible is it to think that people can pursue PhD only after finishing masters. Infact the average age of completion of PhD is 33 yrs (google). Even kanhaiya can be wrong.. lets share the facts. Its not right to take out personal digs.


Rajeev: Lets take one by one. Ideally I should not have wasted so much of time on the very educated Kanhya but somehow I feel its important this time.

He does not say ill about PM…Statement like “Pradhan Mantri ne tweet kiya hai” and mocking at it, statements like “If you speak against the government, their cyber cell will frame you using doctored videos and count the number of condoms in your hostel”, do you really feel that the government has so much time for people like Kanhaya. Threre are ample such cases, the only thing is, you need to open up eyes to see those.

Yes, regarding the performance of the govt, if educated people talk like this then there is a serious problem in this country. Probably Modi became the 2nd most influencial person on earth and 9th most powerful person in the world just by doing dirty politics against educated people like Kanhaya. Regrading education of our Prime Minister I would not comment on that neither will check on that. Please see or read all the articles about his visits and how he is greeted in each country. Forget about US or other countries, check about Saudi Arabia and Pakistan alone. Yes, Yes, Kanhaiya wants to study. Very true. I think this is self explainatory.

Personal digs, as if I know that peron personally. Its all because of what he says in public.
P.S: No more replies on this as its not worth.


Me: Kanhaiya was made worthy of discussion when this wrong post was shared. And yes using the word ‘educated’ and ‘education’ as a taunt does not weaken my argument. Sharing things like what kanhaiya said.. what kanhaiya did.. makes sense but not things like why he is still doing his PhD! Yes he is studying and wants to study.. what is so wrong in that? And yes a BJP MLA did comment on the number of condoms used everyday in JNU. You can say that the particular MLA is not the spokesperson for the entire government though again he is an elected member from the ruling party. But you cannot deny that statements like those were said and videos were doctored. Yes, it was not right for blaming govt without any proof. But as I said Kanhaiya should be questioned too for his wrong comments and actions but mocking him for his study is not cool.
Kanhaiya gets threat messages everyday. Modi is our PM but reason provokes us to question even The God. Following a religion named Modism where only his good things are highlighted and not taking an account of his infirmities makes india a pseudo democracy. I elected him as PM and now I will question him. Bagging the questioners as ‘anti nationals’ happens only in a monarchy or dictataorship.
Modi is greeted everywhere and yes, I am proud about this as an Indian but one of the reasons he is greeted everywhere is because he represents the biggest democracy in the world. Taking ‘personal digs’ does not entail one has to know that person in person. If you think the government does not have time or kanhaiya is not worthy of discussion then why is he treated like a threat? Why are people paranoid about sharing things about him and JNU?
P.s. And yes I would never shy away from healthy discussions.
Rajeev: He is doing PhD because he wants to study. :p
That was the end of the discussion. I am sure a lot of people would want to say a lot of stuff about this, comments are welcome.


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