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Judwa 2 Review: Watch Varun Dhawan Trying His Best To Pass As Salman Khan



buy modafinil in kenya Director: David Dhawan

5eeaac046ded87fbafffeb1ea30f882f Actors: Varun Dhawan, Tapsee Panu, Jacquline Fernandez, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Salman Khan (cameo)

Stars: ** (2)


‘Identical Twins’

‘Whistleblower Parents’

‘Tragic Separation Of Twin Siblings’

‘Growing Up With Different Personalities’

‘Twins Face-off’

‘Confusion for Identity’

‘Whatsapp Jokes & Slapstick Comedy’

Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Salman Khan’s yesteryears hit comedy ‘Judwa’, and the reprised version with Varun Dhawan is no different. It’s so confident with the story that was trolled for its stupidity and clichés in the plot that they didn’t try to tweak even a little. So, we have Judwa 2 helmed by Varun Dhawan walking, talking, pretending to be the Salmkhan we knew (cute and fun version) and that’s all about the film.




Meet Prem (Varun Dhawan) the simple guy who’s bullied and trolled for his below average life. We’re forced to be sympathetic and laugh at his plight, and Varun Dhawan tries his level best to be believable but it rarely happens( except for in few scenes). He meets Tapsee who acts as his savior and the cupid strikes between these both instantly.  Till then, we aren’t aware of the other twin who’s supposedly spreading love and rowdiness in Mumbai.

Now meet Raja, your hero with long hair and tight jeans (Varun Dhawan again, bingo) but that hardly happens. He’s strong and macho and here we get a hint of Govinda in early years in the personality (the actor pulls this really well). He has his Nandu in form or Rajpal Yadav (played by Shakti Kapoor in original) and the makers have tried to pull off a pairing between them, which doesn’t happen. The story takes forward when Pappu (Johny Liver) passport helps Raja and Nandu flee from Mumbai to London and damn, the actor is still the king of comedy.

On flight Raja meets Jacquline and again they instantly find a connection between each other. Rest the whole movie is about the confusion and the twins finding their reality that how they got separated at the time of birth and in finding their parents. Period.

Acting & Direction

Daddy David Dhawan has found his Govinda and Salman in one package and guess what? he produced him himself. While there’s no doubt that actor has an inherent charm of Hindi film hero and with some dialogues, he might pass on as funny, he needs to grow a new set of skills (especially expressions). At times it feels like he’s being forced to say some dialogues he doesn’t want’ to say and isn’t comfortable it. Tapsee and Jacquline have the part to play eye-candy in the film and they do their job well. The direction has nothing commendable and the film has been given a below average treatment.


Like a coin has two faces, there are two sides about the film. The music has reprised version of old songs from the original installment and a few like ‘aa to sahi’ has been created. The music by Anu Malik is high on masala, and they are catchy. You might feel like humming ‘Aa to sahi’ or ‘OOchi hai building’ when you leave the theatre.

Final Verdict

It’s a long weekend and if you’re fan of Varun Dhawan or you have nothing else to do, go watch the film


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