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Jolly LLB is for the Judicial System



You might blame them for the infinite delays in handling cases but the point is that the judicial system still in many ways upholds the Indian constitution right. Jolly LLB portrays the same in a tickling, comical manner

Bunches of files lie scattered here and there holding details that can be used to differentiate between a criminal and a innocent person. When they aren’t put to use or are misused, they remain useless equivalent to be garbage. You thinking what am I talking about, go to any junior in this nation and see it for yourself. The harsh reality is that the overcrowding of cases on a small number of courts and judges is what leads to criminal justice being delayed and most often denied. Are you thinking why am I writing this while doing a film review? I am doing this because Jolly LLB in a fascinating tale narrated this script in great style.

The film opens up with a famous hit-and-run case sequence portrayal and keeps the length intricately woven together. We are then introduced to Jagadish Tyagi alias Jolly LLB and courts of a small town. Both the protagonist and the location are exact replication of what we really see in Indian courts. If you have only got idea of an Indian court via a Hindi film, you will be in for a surprise when you visit one.

Jolly unlike many lawyers who are happy fiddling with time preparing affidavits in lower courts wants to be a top-notch lawyer. Aspires to be followed by the media and travel in sedans not less than the quality of the C-Class. Her love life though very short sequenced is a sweet one. Her Lovelady is a teacher and a humble one at that. She is his only support system alongside his brother-in-law who encourages him to try his luck in Delhi. Jolly jolly well takes up the call and reaches the Indian capital.

In Delhi, he gets a chance to see his inspiration, a super lawyer called Mr. Rajpal (played by Boman Irani). Opportunity comes knocking too when in a twist, Boman himself allows a PIL to take stead against him filed by none other than Jolly. From then on the film’s intriguing twists and turns make it a good watch.

The film is predictable but its little nuances of anticipation keep you tagged for the entire duration. The film also forces creation of opinions about the judicial system but in the end forces you to believe what is right and that is that the Indian judicial system still has some sense in an otherwise nonsensical society that we have created.

Saurabh Shukla, in his flawless performance as a Judge clearly takes the lead in the second half from the time the courtroom action begins. When he yells at Boman Irani saying, “Yeh mera courtroom hai”, you cannot stop but laugh even at a serious scene like that. The courtroom sequences will certainly tickle your funny bone.

The good thing is no matter how much fun it makes of the courtroom locations, in the end justice prevailed and though delayed that is true of the Indian judiciary system as well. Both Boman and Warsi gave super one-note performances as usual and the director Subhash Kapoor again came up as a thinking one.

Overall a three out of five with some brilliant shots put together, definitely worth an evening.

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