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Jhadoo Chal gayi


10th of February

Seems that the people of Delhi are a big follower of Mr. Narendra Modi. He had asked the people of the country to take up ‘Jhaadu’ and clean up their surroundings. That’s what the people of Delhi actually did!!

Its a clean sweep victory for AAP in Delhi elections and for the next five years ‘Jhaadu’ is going to have lots of work and lots of areas to clean.

There is something that these new faces who are entering politics need to understand. Below are a few factors that helped AAP register a great WIN!

1) AAP humbly accepted its mistakes and apologized in public which is generally not expected from the present political parties. Instead they usually go on justifying their mistakes. Hence, ‘ APOLOGIZING ROCKS‘ .

2)AAP had a better manifesto which talked about governance,development etc. BJP instead went on criticizing AAP and talked less about its own manifesto. Thus,the message is ‘ here ONLY ‘CRITICIZING’ BACKFIRES‘.

3) AAP still had that middle class figure and was able to connect to people. The party maintained a figure of ‘Clean Politics’. BJP on the other hand had swayed away from people. The issue of PM Modi wearing that 10 lakh suit with his name somehow only added to BJP’s woes. ‘ order gabapentin uk HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF AMONG PEOPLE IS ALL THAT MATTERS

4) BJP is continuously seen to be failing to fulfill any of its promises at the center. Again as I said, People perceive things according to their needs. Maybe BJP is trying hard to change something but it has to show some ground level changes to which people can connect. Thus,people decided to opt for a new option this time. ‘ THIRD OPTION COUNTS’.

This victory also has some power packed messages for the youth of today:

i) The youth generally complains that politics can never change. But the present scenario has a different story.

ii) We generally say that ‘Clean Politics’ and ‘New faces’ do not thrive in politics. Again, AAP’s thumping victory shows that one just needs a sincere aim and a bit of honesty. So anyone who has a zeal for bringing any change,’ celebrex 200 mg prijs THE STAGE IS ALL YOURS‘.

I don’t know if its going to be a turning point in the Indian politics but yes ‘Its a milestone in Indian Politics

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