Its time that we ask questions!

India is not a tax free country country, we all know that. I am not very good at statistics but I know that a certain percentage of our income goes to the development of the country as income tax. Then whatever we buy at a regular basis, we pay tax for that also. Be it clothes, milk, bread or eggs. Let me not talk about the luxury of dining outside. A bill of 1600 INR would easily tantamount to 2000 INR with all the additional various kinds of taxes! I know, I am not saying anything new. All this is known to everybody. But if we ever think about the taxes we pay each day while traveling too like toll and state tax; all this will cumulatively prove that we pay a major chunks of our incomes as tax. But where does all this money go? Vanish? I see no development of any kind. Roads are still bad as were they before the elections. Electricity is still a problem, at least, the part of delhi I live in, there is power cut everyday.

Rather than fighting over tweets, isn’t it wiser to deal with the problems practically? Rather than nagging about who controls what, isn’t it time to set right what is there in your hands? I know I am nobody to comment on governance. But I feel cheated. Why to try to bring about changes only through the social media? Aren’t we aware of the fact that a large chunk of our population is devoid of any internet? Why nasty tweets and throwing mud on each other in public? Why waste our money on aborting Parliament sessions? Why? Will somebody please answer!!!

Now a days whenever I open TV/radio or read newspaper I see/hear big big advertisements both from Delhi Govt and Central Govt. Where does this money come from? A front page newspaper ad costs 50 lakhs INR. What is the point of spending 55 crore on Yoga day, what is the point of asking(read blaming) PM by CM over TV/radio? Is this how ministers communicate on issues or just another way of gaining public sympathy and show how AAP is different from BJP?

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