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It wasn’t the Indian team but Times Now that shamed the nation


The year was 2005; Liverpool was playing AC Milan in the champion’s league final. At half time Liverpool was trailing 3-0. On their way out, during the break the AC Milan players kissed the trophy, believing that it was theirs. Then in the second half with fourteen minutes to play, Liverpool did the unthinkable. They scored three goals and eventually won the game on penalties. The significance of this story in today’s context is that at no point did my friends and I lose hope when ‘Team India’ was chasing an improbable target. Yes! Sadly we lost the game but never once did we feel that our team shamed us Down Under in Sydney.

The outrage by the fans was understandable to a certain extent. We are passionate people, and we revere our heroes and want them to win each time they take the field. Yes! Some reactions were offensive, but mostly the humor was in good jest. What was appalling though was the reaction by the custodians of the media and ex cricketers who have also played the game at the highest level.

It is so easy now a days for these so called experts to question our team on their poor performances, without forgetting that practicing sportsmanship is a lot harder than actually preaching it. Do these morons remember their playing days? If they have conveniently forgotten, it is our duty to give them a reality check.

Not once did we feel let down by the legendary Sarandeep Singh (Yeah! You read that right), never did we expect a lot from Manoj Prabhakar, and just a gentle reminder to the man who flew kites while playing a cricket match, you definitely understand how appalling our media is when they call you an expert. The only media house that possibly got it right was ‘Headlines Today’ at least they did not shame themselves by trying to shame Team India.

Hence it seems ‘Times now’ took the onus on them in trying to whip up some emotions amongst hurt fans and gain some eyeballs for their prime time show. No doubt they succeeded in doing that, but in the process stooped down to yet another level in the field of journalism. If anyone who watched their ‘nation wants to know’ debate must have realized why we as a nation suffer fools all the time. Since when did a man like Arnab Goswami who possibly has not lost a gram of weight on his treadmill question the commitment of team India? Yes! They have the right to dissect and debate the match, but no one has any business in saying that our team did not give in their hundred percent. No one knows this better than us. We individuals hate losing on our video game consoles, and then how do we believe Dhoni and his men would not have been hurt by today’s loss?

The so called panel of experts including ‘Saad Bin Jung’ and a few others who tried selling us the idea that Dhoni lacked leadership skills need just a gentle reminder, did your uncle score the winning runs in the 2011 world cup? Weren’t you the same bunch who wrote us off before the tournament began? And weren’t you the same bunch who went gaga over we winning seven matches on the trot? Doesn’t that speak a lot about your character? You know fans like me can go on endlessly rubbing it in for questioning our heroes and their commitment. But sadly we have better things to do. Before I end this, seriously ‘Times now’ the nation wants to know “Since when did winning seven consecutive games and having one bad day in office be equivalent to shaming the nation?”

No seriously what were the Times now people smoking up when they thought of trending that horrendous tweet. If losing a cricket match badly is shaming the nation then perhaps someone needs to redefine the meaning of sport in the next edition of Oxford dictionary.

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