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It Does Not Come In A Jiffy My Friend


“The difference between ordinary and great is the extra effort the great puts in’. No great inspiration has chosen ‘the road less travelled’. The ones out there, who inspire us to emulate them, have toiled day in and day out to achieve their dreams. Be it a doctor, who hones his knowledge and skills in dimly lit rooms, or researchers who live life surrounded with papers and experiments or be it sportsmen who sweat it out on the fields.

Most inspirational stories have names, but there are a few who are worth a book but have very little written about them. Such heroes exist around us but we fail to acknowledge their contributions. Some of them actually work as a catalyst in creating our heroes, but little do we care, as they are the forgotten ones.

Our favorite icon Sachin Tendulkar has been presented with the country’s highest civilian award. His swansong was a moment; all of us will savor forever. In his moment of highest glory, there are a few good men that should also be revered about. They might or might not have contributed in the success of our HERO, but they certainly brought ‘Cricket to life’.

One such man is ‘Sunil Chauhan’. He is the chief curator of the Dharamsala cricket ground, in Himachal Pradesh. As a kid growing up in Bilaspur, I was an active cricketer. Back then he was the joint secretary of the Bilaspur cricket association and used to supervise the pitch laying activities at the Luhnu grounds.

We admired the man’s perseverance, to turn a piece of barren land into a lush cricket field. Growing up at times we doubted him too, but deep within today we are proud to be part of the hills, that gave Indian cricket a great servant in Mr. Sunil Chauhan. Back then he chose to quit the administrative part of the game and focused on building world-class stadiums.

He is an important pillar of HPCA that brought the picturesque Dharamsala onto the international stage. He is today considered one of the best pitch curators in the country. He continues to turn barren lands into lush green fields. One line he used to say to us ” Maharaj ahain etheiee one day international karranna” (we will host one day international here)”. Maybe our own is the next.

This poem is an ode to a hero, we hardly know and a hero we will always love.

It does not come in jiffy my friend

We were there for a while
He was walking when we arrived

It was not as bright as it shines
It was barely smooth and today you can glide

You see sprinkles holding your head high
To fetch a handful we used to walk a mile

He continued as we said goodbyes
Yes we were there just for a while

He is still walking there is no end
It does not come in jiffy my friend


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