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Interesting Things to do in Kodaikanal


Cycling !!!! Grab one of these unique cycles and spend time cycling around the lake as long as you want !!!!

If you thought Ooty was the only place famous for home made chocolates then think again…Kodai is not far behind with its wide range of home made chocolates….Aaahhh these lip smacking home made chocolates are a must try when in Kodai…. Hop into any shop and you get to see a huge variety of them….You get them almost everywhere, in small shops, restaurants and even in chai shops……

Could not resist myself from the sinful indulgence 😛
Roasted Almond and roasted cashew were few my favorites ….

My hunger drove me towards this old man selling some tit bits on his van… The discovery was a sweet yet sour flavor of raw mangoes sprinkled with some special salt.. You have to taste it to believe it. It is not the usual flavor of raw mango…. This went down in the countdown of my top things to do when in Kodai

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