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Instilling Pride


How do we create and build pride among our teams?

P buy provigil online with paypal   robaxin online canada – Provide a positive work environment

“The climate created by the leader their direct reports predicted the business performance of the entire organization. In 75% of the cases, climate alone sorted companies into high versus low profits and growth.” (Daniel Goleman, in his book, “Primal Leadership”). Let us build an environment where we are mindful of our people. An environment where we are attentive to the interests of others, polite and courteous, displaying kindness & concern for others and paying careful attention to doing things correctly.

buy accutane v drugstore R  – Recognise, reinforce and reward effort

People have a basic human need to feel appreciated, and recognition programs help meet that need.

I – Instill meaning and purpose in what people do

People want to be a part of something useful, valuable, and bigger than themselves.  Let us help them see how what they do makes a difference for others.  Let them see the mission of the Company and how they can fit in to it.  Even more importantly, let us help them see why this mission is important. Those who understand their job’s wider purpose are happier, more engaged and more creative. At the company level, when people see how their roles fit in with the company’s goals, attrition reduces and productivity increases.

D – Develop people

The performance of the team depends on the how well they are trained and developed. Ongoing training enhances effectiveness, helping people taking on significant challenges. It creates a pool of qualified people who are ready to step into new roles. Please reach out to our L&D team for more information on available and customized training programs.

E – Encourage innovation

Let us encourage our teams to be imaginative and innovative;  let us build individuals into a team that enjoys being together at work. Team innovation is the backbone of every successful company. It’s what sets a business apart from the competition, and helps it grow and prosper.

One of our vision statements, achievable by FY 17, is to ‘be recognized for Thought Leadership in our focused areas of technology and solutions.’ To measure this, we have clearly defined criteria: Be placed in the top quadrant by leading analysts for Thought Leadership and ability to execute for at least 2 of our solutions/services; In at least two of our solutions/services/IPs, establish Happiest Minds amongst the top 10 Services companies globally; and IP led revenues as a percentage of total revenues to exceed 10% in 3 years and 25% in 5 years.

A climate of innovation will provide a clear line of sight to achieving these objectives.

Eliciting excellence in others is the essence of leadership, and one of the most effective means of eliciting excellence is to instill a sense of pride in those around us.

Let us all, as a team, work towards instilling a sense of belongingness and pride in our people, so that together we can create happiest people and therefore, happiest customers.

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