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Inside Edge Review: Amazon Prime

FacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedIn Cast: Richa Chaddha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Sanjay Suri & Sayani Gupta.

buy Lyrica medication Created by: Karan Anshuman

Okay then. How do we review a Web series? Do we do it on episode basis, or on the entire length? It’s a tough one. Especially for me, this is unchartered territory. I will try balancing the act, and do a little bit of both. Judging me by the opening paragraph, I am sure all of you must have figured out, that I am nervous. Much like the makers of this show, who have done several films in the past, but this medium, quite like my review is a first. Not only have they risked with a new platform but also have touched upon a story, that can soar them into the ‘floodlights’ (pun intended) or rattle their stumps on to the ground. So how does ‘Inside Edge’ fair in their first season? Let’s find out. Episode 1: From the opening sequence to its closure, the makers have not shown anything new. It’s filled with clichés and troll gossips that have been doing the rounds, ever since cricket got a club makeover. Yet you do get drawn to the drama. Why does that happen? It’s the platform that is the winner here. Had this been a film, 60% of it would have been censored, and for television, lesser said the better. The towel act of Anees (Chirag Sethi) or the opening act of the lead, would have never made the cut elsewhere.

Power Play 1:  So is it only the platform that’s worth acknowledging in the opening act? Hell No! You know as they say ‘the captain is as good as the team’? The platform is great if the act is worthy. Inside edge, surrounded by its clichés, gets its cricketing drama onscreen correct. Anees as a struggling batsman looks natural, Sayani goes from strength to strength with each passing frame, and Vivek Oberoi makes a stunning comeback.

Episode 6: Before you wonder where did the other episodes disappear, let me assure you, they are available on ‘Amazon Prime’ what is not available is its reviews. And that is for a reason.

Power Play 2: A full length Hindi film drama time has gone by, yet episode 5 ends on a note that forces me to continue binge watching this series. In this episode, all the silence begins to make sense. The lighting of the previous episodes, now seems a sinster masterstroke by the makers. For those 2 hours and forty minutes, had me infuriated, but here once the games begin to unfold, you just take a step back and applaud the master stroke. The ease of that six by Anees, the body language of Mishraji, the desperation of the new boy, caught between two sides of the same coin, all seem to gel together, as Inside edge gets its act going.

The Trailer: Am I making a joke out of the review? I tried to. I had to use the del button a lot more than I generally do for film reviews. But with just the finale episode left to be reviewed, I thought it’s best to talk first about the Trailer. Wondering what just happened? Read On.

Power Play 3: The makers are right, they gave us some great films, but most importantly amazing trailers. But with Inside edge, their trailer was a let down. It wasn’t a great cut, had it not been for cricket, I perhaps wouldn’t have seen it in the first place. But they more than made up for their shortcomings with each passing episode. Each end was tailor made in a way, that you don’t miss the next one. With each passing minute, there is enough drama, that will make your cranium work overtime. In a shrewd manner, the makers have picked up stories from the real world, connected to our heroes, in a way, that all the time it will get you thinking ‘Hey isn’t this the Rajasthan Royal story or the CSK angle’? Many such moments makes Inside edge, a complete cricketing thriller! A lot like many IPL finals, the Inside edge finale does goes down to the wire.

Power Play 4: If the ‘Hero’ doesn’t deliver now, when he will? Vayu the star batsman, delivers the knock out punch, but as an actor he fails. If anywhere ‘Inside Edge’ crumbles it’s with its leading hero. It’s a blessing that this show did not rest on his shoulders alone. He might have had his ‘Tendulkar moment’ in the final episode but the real winners of Inside Edge is its support cast characters. The likes of Sayani Gupta, Vivek Oberoi, Richa Chaddha, they are the ones that deserve the player of the match awards.

Episode 10: The cliches still finds its place even in the finale. Yet with a gripping narrative the twists unfold. For once, I hoot for the hero, I want him to win. After all it has to be ‘Cricket’ that should be the real winner. Inside Edge does that right. And it plays out perfectly  well.

Post ‘Show’ presentation : If you have been a cricket buff, you will relate to a lot of stories that plays out in the show. All the while, you will keep connecting it with real life examples. That perhaps is one reason ‘Inside Edge’ was a start to finish journey for me. For its first season, their stumps surely has not been rattled, and the clear winner is Amazon and the platform.

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