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In The Lap Of Chail – 8

Kaisha got busy with her exams but she never failed to call Beeji. She talked to her every day and they giggled and gossiped as they used to in the night in Beeji’s clandestine looking room. Time flew fast and summer arrived. Kaisha’s exams were over and she was all set to go to Chail. Seeing her awake early on a weekend her mother asked, “Kaisha! It’s a weekend. Don’t you want to sleep?” “Of course not Mumma.

Don’t you remember I have to leave for Chail today and I have not yet packed”, responded Kaisha. By evening Kaisha was back in her second home. The snow had cast off its mantle and the valley was draped in russet and gold. As soon as the car stopped at the kothi she wasted no time and rushed into the house.

Beeji sat at the armchair assiduously knitting a handkerchief. “Beeji!” yelled Kaisha and had already hugged her enormously tight before she could get up from the chair. “Happy Birthday to you!” sang Beeji. “I have a very special cake for you”, she said with a shine in her eyes.

“Really”, said Kaisha. “Come along” said Beeji and led her into the kitchen. On the table lay Kaisha’s favorite dessert, ‘gajrela’ molded into the shape of a cake and decorated with cashews, raisins and almonds. Kaisha cried and smiled simultaneously, overwhelmed with love.

Summer had given way to rains and the rains had begun making way for autumn. Kaisha had decided to stay with Beeji. It took some time to convince her parents but they agreed to her commuting from Chail to Delhi once a month since she wanted to make her first documentary on Chail.

Kaisha once again had to go back to Delhi, this time to come back for a long time at a go. Kaisha came to the kitchen to tell Beeji that she would have to go to Delhi for getting her stuff. Beeji was wiping the dust off the crockery that Bindiya passed her. She coughed as she asked, “Kashu beta, will you be back before I leave?” “Where are you going Beeji?” asked Kaisha. “I might be going to Kandaghat”, said Beeji. “I will come back and take you. You need not go alone”, assured Kaisha.

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