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Impart Sex Education: Its a Must


Our new Health Minister of the new government Dr. Harsh Vardhan has been in the news for the last few days, for a couple of insensitive comments & views. One of them is that he did not favour or even did not want sex education in schools or in any form anywhere in India.  Such a statement from the Minister who happens to be an “ENT” doctor/practitioner is not in right perspective.

It’s now time for  the government to decide on the introduction of “Sex education” in schools.  People will indeed support this bold initiative.  Yet, the word of caution though, is that talk might not help, effective implementation is the key.

In our society, even today, socializing with a girl is misconstrued as something dirty. Ignorance of sex and sexual dysfunctions can be attributed to myths and misconceptions.  In the context of the prevailing dangers, sex education for children has become extremely important.

Co-education and free mixing of the sexes should be encouraged as it would create better understanding between the two.  We must do our best to remove half-baked ideas about the subject from the minds of our children.

Though science has advanced so much, we seem to go on making sex a mystery and an obscenity.  In spite of greater openness and more liberal attitude towards sex education in recent times, sexual matters are still surrounded by a great deal of myths and misconceptions.

Many people find “IT” difficult or embarrassing to speak about their feelings on such issues.  If this silence is broken many sex-related problems could be solved and many unhappy marriages could be prevented.  The young must be told that unsafe sex can kill, that AIDS is a very real menace sitting, masked by silence.

Taboos and inhibitions must be shattered and sex seen in proper perspective – not as something to snigger about, but as a valuable part of our existence. There must be meaningful discussion about “IT” between young men and women looking forward to a happy wedlock !  KRISHNA  KUMAR S


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