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I went to a store and met a Sardarji…there was nothing to laugh at him!!

I was busy setting up my new house in Delhi. Dinner set, sofa covers, shoe rack, Emergency food etc. were being procured from various sources. Since I was tired of my usual market, I took the lane behind to see if I can get a mini hanging cupboard, mainly for decorative purposes.

I saw many shops that possessed the item. Before entering I was tempted yet again by momos and went for a quick snack. I asked the momo bhaiya for his suggestion. He said:-

“Kone main ek sardarji ka dukan hain. vahan se lena.”
(There is a shop around the corner . Belongs to a Sardarji. Get it from there)

To calm down the spicy sauce’s exploits, I went across the road for lime soda. After enquiry, even he directed me to the Sardarji’s shop. Now I asked a chaiwala bhaiyya and he said the same. By now, curiosity was killing me. So I asked the chaiwala bhaiyya why is everyone directing me to him when there are many other shops. The chaiwala bhaiyya said

“See, he is a nice man and he does not get much business. But he sells good stuff”.

Now 3/3 is a solid score for that shopkeeper. I was greeted by a very sweet uncle and he quoted a rather reasonable price and I bought it. I asked him about his references and he said very sweetly

“Dhanda karna nahi aata. Par dost banana aata hain” (I do not know business, I know how to make friends)

I left the shop with my stuff and a new friend. The cynic in me questioned his sweetness but the friend in me refused to believe it.

P.S: A story with a Sardarji need not be a joke always wink emoticon


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