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I want to live a life of GRATITUDE.


I have seen and learnt that gratitude creates more gratitude.

It grows…and grows…and grows…

Lori Portka worked for nearly two years to make 100 paintings for 100 people who had a “positive impact” on her life.

Her intent was to consciously give the gift of time, love and creativity to those who touched and influenced her life.

The hundred people included her family, friends, authors, musicians, teachers and even her car mechanic.

Some were people she interacted with on a daily basis; others she had never met in person.

At Happiest Minds, we believe Gratitude is a Ritual and we would like to start all of our meetings with an expression of gratitude.

We believe that Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. ~ Denis Waitley

To express Gratitude, to acknowledge, appreciate or recognize fellow Happiest Minds, family or friends, we use the SMILES Card that are available with the Security at every building.

Let us express gratitude.

Let us live a life of gratefulness.

A single thank-you can create a hundred thank-you’s.


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