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Hum Gundey hai…



It was a month end. Time to collect payoff. A busy day had almost ended. He was playing his favorite 3 patti, listening to radio with his business partners, Sahil and Boxer Chotu. This dark, dingy and smoke-filled garage, with a bulb, a table and few chairs was the place where the  monthly collection got stacked up. The lone bulb lit up their faces partially. The money coming in will be used to keep top of the pyramid happy and as an investment into more drugs to peddle, buy some more Colts for providing better security and to vanquish various other businesses the trio held together.

“Khoya khoya chand, Khula asmaan….” the new song was playing on air when the shutter of the garage half opens with a loud rattle. A gleamy and satisfied looking Satun walks in with a back pack. He has a large grin right across his face which showed all of his red paan stained teeth, like those jewelers who like to show off their collection of Ruby up on display. Satun walks right up to the table, places the back pack on it. He had a white dupatta tied around his arm. Satun unties the knot , hangs it across his neck like a trophy.

“Collection ho gaya?” asked Bada, not looking up. “Ha bhai,” replies Satun, “Aaj to bahut sara collection kar ke aya hoon”.

“Bol to aise raha hai jaise lottery lag gayee teri” quipped Sahil.

“Sahil bhai, lottery to lag gayee” he replied with the glee becoming wider.

“Aisa kya ho gaya, disco light ki tarah jal rahi hai teri ankhen” asked Chotu.

“Bhai factory gaya tha, Munna aur Kallu ke sath” said Satun with a twinkle in his eyes. “wapas ate time ek mast maal dekhi, ek dam akeli. Item thi bhai. Factory se nikli thi shayad se. Safed salwaar mein thi” He said wiping the paan off his lips with the white stole. ” Jis tarah se thumak rahi thi kya bolu mein apko, andar ka hawasi bahar aa gaya. Railway line cross kar rahi thi. Time ek dam sahi tha. Apan teeno ne daboch liya.” Sahil and Chotu stopped looking at the cards. Bada did not move. “Utha liya salli ko. Jhadiyon mein le gaye. Game bajake aye hai.”

“Munna aur Kallu Johnny Walker la rahe hai. Aaj ki party hamari taraf se hai Bada bhaaaaai…”  said the satisfied Satun with a Mission Accomplished grin on his face.

“Show!” palms down Bhai looks up at Satun. He walks up to him. The stole looked familiar. The 6.1″ man’s stocky arm wraps around Satun’s shoulders. “Uss factory mein to behan kaam karti hai.” Satun realized that the friendly arms around his shoulders were working on his neck like a python about to suffocate it’s kill.

“Bhai , Apki behan bhi…” before he could finish his sentence a screeching pain shuddered through his jaws. He could not see where Boxer Chotu’s punch came from, but he felt his jaw crack.  The python had also wrapped itself tight around his neck and was choking him. Another hook by Chotu and all he could hear was a loud buzz , all he could see was a faint light and then… Nothing.

Cold water on his eyes made him open them. Sahil had emptied a bucket of water on him. He tried to scream but the duct tape had done a very good job in hiding his red mouth and painful cries. He tried to stand but his legs were tied to the legs of the chair. His arms were tied behind. He could not feel his feet but when he looked down he could see them swollen.

“MadarChod itna kyun maar rahe hain ? Mere ko to maloom he nahi tha ki iski behan hai. In chutiyon ne mere kapde kyun utar diye ?” . Satun had no regrets about what he did but could not think anything beyond it because Sahil had clubbed a hot iron rod on his knee, opening the knee up, bones smashed. The pain on the knee moved up to his head and a loud muffle escaped him.

“Lo Bhai, nahi mara ye abhi tak. zinda hai” said Sahil.

Bada looms over Satun. Satun raised his head. All he could see was a large figure right above him. The light from the only bulb in the room helped Satun see the red vengeful eyes of Bada, who picked his heavy foot and pressed it calmly on the shattered knee of Satun. Another muffled scream escaped. “Hum Gundey hai… Chori karte hai, dara dhamka ke business chalate hai, drugs bechte hai, smuggling karte hai. Lekin kisi ki izzat nahi loot-te. Game bajane mein mazza aya tere ko? Ab dekhte hai kitna mazza ayega.”  with one swift push Satun falls on his back, both legs up in the air still fastened to the chair. Bada grabs the hot iron rod from Sahil, places tip of the rod underneath the chair and then with a big heave thrusts it inside.

“Ab Game baja.”.

Satisifed with his work Bada sits down on the table. “Chotu, Naye patte phenk. Abhi do aur bhatko ko line pe lana hai.”

“Bhai, apki behan…”

“Meri apni koi behan nahi hai to kya hua, kisi ki to behan hogi. Chotu, hum bahut galat kar sakte hai, to kuch sahi bhi kar sakte hai. Hum Gundey Hai Gundey, Saitan nahi..!!”

“Lag ja gale ke phir ye hassi raat ho na ho…” played on the radio and a new hand was dealt.

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