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How to Travel Cheaper?

You will be amazed to know that almost 70% of our total population likes traveling, that’s a huge number, isn’t? But very few actually keep traveling, when I asked many people why they do not travel even if they want to, the most common answer I received was money, the second most common answer was time.

So I thought of writing this post for those people who often put an end to their traveling plan because of money or decreases the frequency of traveling for the same reason. How about reducing your traveling cost by 70%? How about traveling thrice with the same money you arranged for one, sounds cool, right?

Here are 5 tips by which you can reduce traveling cost

  1. Couchsurfing – community of like minded people where people agrees to provide accommodation for free, so wherever you go, put a request for accommodation and wait till someone responds
  2. Air Miles – Get a credit card which offers air miles and then use that credit card everywhere whenever you need to buy something, by the end of the year you will gain some air miles which you can use to fly.
  3. Offers – Keep an eye for offers, to give an example one of friend is traveling to srinagar by flight and the total costing for flight is INR 2000 only (from delhi including return flight)
  4. Book flights for weekdays – Rather than catching flight on Saturday and coming back on Tuesday, catch your flight on Friday and come back on Monday, this will save a lot of money(most of the time)
  5. Travel at offseason – Travel at offseason, you will far better deals everywhere

Hope this will help you guys 🙂


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  1. OK, this may sound like a long shot, but if you’re short on cash and long on time you’ll be absolutely amazed at how many travel contests are there for the wining. Just Google “travel contests” and you’ll get hundreds of pages of results.

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