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How Internet Disrupted Relations Inversely

When did it all begin? In 1989 Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. The world went crazy. While some rejected it many embraced it. It is 2014 now and the Internet has gained momentum faster than anything else on the planet. The web is also being credited of influencing elections these days in India; imagine the growth from the days of 1989.

My perspective of the co-relation of Internet and relationships is based on what I see around. You may or may not agree but I am sure you will think and mull over after reading it.

Over the years with the advent of social networking friendship sites like Hi5, Orkut and chat messengers like Yahoo chat, hotmail chat, Gmail chat the excitement amongst youth has increased. Girls and boys have started dating through these mediums and distances have become irrelevant.

Over the years the medium to communicate has also changed. What started with computers, evolved into laptops then mobile and then tablets. But what was connecting all of these was the WWW.

In today’s world it has become a trend to send condolences to a dead man’s family through Facebook and email. To be brutal and frank no one has time to pick the call and console the bereaved and moreover there is a rat race of who posts the comments or likes first.

Whatsapp has replaced SMS as mode of text communications and now every mobile manufacturer comes out with their own chat messenger like imessage for IPhones and BBM for Blackberry users. Though technology has helped in spreading information at a speed faster than light and sound! Pun intended, what It has done has also helped in spreading rumors and false information equally faster, for ex UNESCO announces Indian national anthem as the best anthem in the world was a hoax and people actually believed it and this message keeps on popping even today. There are thousands of such examples.

Twitter has condensed expression of feelings in 140 characters. Gone are the days of letters and telegrams. There was a time when everyone wanted to be the part of it but now applications like Whisper and Snapchat are in vogue where your identity is kept secret but you still express yourself.

What damage has it done to relations, in a point by point format:

(1) Whenever you are talking to your loved ones and there is a network error, you get irritated.

(2) People have lost patience; they want their friends or relatives to be available for them 24×7

(3) Humans emotions and feelings have been replaced by emojis or emoticons J

(4) There was a time in small towns when the first thing you used to do after getting up was to take the blessings of your parents, it has been replaced by you checking the status updates of friends and relatives.

(5) Suddenly both husband and wife have separate phones and separate friends and sneaking into others phone is considered as the biggest crime in the world.

(6) Technology has replaced the physical bonding which was visible in colonies/localities when we were kids.

(7) Gulli games have been replaced by PlayStation and Xbox.

(8) When you go for a party or for that matter whenever you are travelling you will be more engrossed in that 5-inch-screen then to make new friends.

(9) You may be chatting to a person on WhatsApp on a regular basis but when the same individual meets you in real life you tend to avoid it because you have shared so much information through technology that either you want to hide yourself because of shame or there is nothing left to be shared.

Let’s not forget the harm it has brought. Suicide cases or suicidal tendencies are increasing among teenagers; too much of technology has invaded the privacy of everyone. It is helpful as well but the youngsters should keep in mind that there is a Bigg Boss (read CCTV cameras, mobile cameras, etc) everywhere. A mistake on your part can damage your career, be it your party videos with friends or a kiss on cheek of your girl friend. It may be a friendly gesture but technological advances can present a different picture all together.

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