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How I Completed The 30 KM Walk


Yes, I know walking for 30 kms at a stretch is no big deal. Many people have done it earlier and in fact there are many who have travelled the whole world walking. I can remember a boy who walked 4000 kms and took a selfie each day during his journey.

But its like a start. Until and unless you start something, you never know the pain and gain in it. Before I experienced it I always used to wonder what big deal would it be to walk. I always have loved travelling and for me it was never a concern but when I walked 30 kms at a stretch in 6.5 hours I understood, its no child’s game.

To begin with, one day me and my mate Rana Bhaiya (colleague, room mate, friend, mentor) decided to walk. You must be thinking why we took such a weird decision. Actually we always like to take on new challenges. We have a facebook group where we keep taking new challenges and we do all these stuffs just to test our limits. Neither me nor my friend has ever walked 30 kms at a stretch. So we just wanted to understand if that is within our limit, and if not , what is our limit.

Just to add some spice to it, it wasn’t a cold day, it was bright, sunny hot day, the temperature went up to 40 degrees that day. The best and the worst part was the fact that on the same day we faced the angry sun, the cloudy sky, the windy weather and ultimately the fresh rain.

That time we used to stay in Kolkata. We woke up at dawn and took our stuff (like water, sunscreen lotion etc) and got out at exactly 5.30 in the morning. No matter when you start walking, you have to face the sun, so we decided to start at the morning.

We used to stay in kestopur and the plan was to reach Jadavpur. We started walking and decided to walk through Salt Lake and them EM Byepass and straight to Ajaynagar and then Jadavpur. We passed Salt lake and at the beginning I was feeling very good, the weather was nice, birds were chirping, empty roads, no pollution. We landed on EM byepass and by that time the sun also started playing with us. Within an hour when we had just completed 5 kms (5 kms an hour is good speed) , we started to feel tired. Not because of lack of energy but because of the steaming sun. We though knew this was just the beginning and we still had 25 kms to cover.

We passed Science city and took some rest there. My friend was tired and even though resting was on the cards, we still did take it. He had some problems with bowel movement and could not control the inner inertia. We had to stop and look for options and ultimately he went into science city and it got famous for ever. In the mean time I recharged myself with some food and water. Once he stepped out, we started walking again.

We crossed VIP bazar, Ruby hospital, Aviskita one by one and 30KMS started to look like impossible. By then we had done 19 KMS and it was 9.30 am as the city had started to burn under the sun. I took shade under extra t-shirt while my mate Rana bhaiya, who was more intelligent of us, used his cap and handkerchief. Ultimately we reached Ajaynagar, 20KMS from the start, and struggling badly but still 10KMs to go.

Here I would like to say one thing, all people, successful and unsuccessful people face a certain moment, this moment makes them feel helpless, tired, they feel like they can not continue, but believe me, all these are tricks of your mind. There is a small part of your brain called ganglia (nerve cell cluster) which always try to influence you not to do some constructive work, so if you feel like giving up, remember its not you, its your ganglia who is asking you to give up and that time, your attitude and reaction towards your ganglia decides your fate.

We decided not to give up, we decided to continue.We kept walking, we reached Jadavpur and realized we are still 5 kms away.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.23.36 PM


We went to Ranikuthi by walking and reached Bijoygarh when we completed 30 kms.

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