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How far is the arrest of AAP MLA Commando Surinder Singh justified?


In order to understand the gravity of the situation, we need to first know who Surinder Singh is. He is not just another MLA, he is Commando Surinder Singh.

Surinder Singh joined Indian Army in the infantory regiment and has fought not only the Kargil War, but also has been a part of the Operation Parakram, Operation Sadbhavna and Operation Black Thunder and was part of the UN mission in Congo (Operation North Night).

He drastically lost his hearing due to a hand grenade explosion while countering the 2008 Mumbai attacks where he had gunned down 2 of the 10 terrorists. There is an interesting fact most don’t know. When he was fighting the terrorists during the 26/11 attack, his new born kid was just 48 hours old!

After serving India via Army for 14 years, he had to retire, as his hearing ability had drastically reduced.

But that was just the starting of his real struggle. The Government of India denied his pension for next 19 months! Actualy, he was serving his 15th year when he retired and to get the pension a soldier is supposed to finish 15 years. The government didn’t consider that he was forced to retire given he sustained severe injuries in a terrorist attack. Also, other donations which injured soldiers were supposed to get were not given to him – 26/11 commando struggles for recognition, pension. At this juncture even BJP didn’t help him and it was left for Arvind Kejriwal to help him – Now, IAC fights for hurt NSG commandos. Arvind Kejriwal arranged a Press Conference for 21 November 2012. Within six months of the event, Surinder Singh started receiving his pension regularly.

Finally after thinking that “My trials made me realize that the India I was fighting to protect,  only existed in my imagination. I joined AAP to help make that India a  reality.” he joined politics by becoming a founding member of Aam Aadmi Party. Do read From bullets to ballots: Aam Aadmi Party candidate has new target in sights

Like several other AAP MLAs, Commando Surinder Singh has been on the cross-hair of the Central government controlled Delhi Police. There were allegations and FIR raised on him regarding his degree, to which he even offered to surrender – Fake degree row: Surinder Singh meets police chief; offers to ‘surrender’.

Anway, the current case is really unique. There has been long battle going on between NDMC and Commando Surinder. NDMC even wanted to evict him from his office to which Delhi High court had to pass a restraining order – HC restrains NDMC from withdrawing facilities given to AAP MLA Surender Singh. Then the NDMC made another acusation – AAP leader charged with illegally using NDMC building for party work.

By virtue of being a MLA from Delhi cantonment, he is a member of NDMC and it seems that NDMC doesn’t like that.

Now, recently NDMC filed another complaint against him – Case against AAP MLA for thrashing NDMC employee

NDMC vice-chairperson  Kanwar Singh Tanwar said in a statement: “MLA  Surinder Singh mercilessly beat up an employee of NDMC causing him severe injuries,” adding, “A criminal case has been registered against  Surinder Singh bearing FIR number 88/2015.”

Now, this guy Kanwar Singh is an ex BJP MLA. He is having cases of disproportionate assets against him. And he is the same guy whom Commando Surinder Singh had beated in the Delhi election! Defeated candidate appointed VC of the NDMC without consultation with the Delhi CM

To these allegations, Commando Surinder Singh replied at Singh clarifies and says the although he intervened the assault on the poor hawker, he didn’t assault back.

If I had to trust between a soldier who had served India for 15 years and a 4th grade government employee in a very corrupt organization, I would trust the soldier.

And Delhi police – ha! They said that Constable Tomar was murdered when he had died of a heart attack. They raided the Ramdev agitaion and  killed Rajbala. They tried to throw our veteran soldiers out from their  agitation. I wonder if any sane person takes them seriously.

Meanwhile, in 2014 the crime rate shot up by 100% in Delhi. No one blinks an eye!

We Indians wait for good people to join politics and when they do join eventually, just look at the treatment they get from the system.

The arrest not only is unjustified, it is totally political as well. My heart breaks to see a 26/11 hero who took down 2 bloody terrorists and sacrificed his hearing ability and his career, in a jail right now as I write. That chap joined politics to make India the India of our dreams and we have only given him nightmares. One loser who lost an election has sent him to jail and we can just do nothing about it.

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