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Hiking on Mount Batur in Bali: Beyond Eat, Pray and Love – II


The last leg of the hike and the sunrise

After the quick break we were asked to proceed as we wanted to reach the summit before sunrise. Our guide warned us that now the hike is going to be steep and asked us to take our time and not exert ourselves. I could see the flashlights ahead of me making a beeline to the summit and some people were already up there.

It looked like an unachievable task.  But I took one step at a time and I slowly began the last leg of my hike. The path is really small and only one person can go at a time. After hiking for the first 10 minutes, I was huffing and puffing and my clothes were drenched in sweat and my poor heart! To gain back some of my energy I stopped, sipped some water and reminded myself I definitely don’t want to go back from here. The guide stayed by my side as I was the last one in our group and he helped me climb a few difficult steps that were steep and I needed support.

At 5:50 am we finally reached the summit. I couldn’t believe that I achieved this uphill task (quite literally) a real break from my sedentary lifestyle.

The view from the top was mystical with Mount Agung standing tall among the clouds while we could spot Mount Rinjani (volcano in adjacent Lombok Island) at a distance. First rays of dawn were beginning to transform the night sky slowly. Although the view was magnificent we couldn’t see a proper sunrise as soon clouds engulfed the entire view.

Some of our co-trekkers went to the summit point which was further 10 minutes hike. We decided to stop here and enjoy our breakfast.

the trek

Crater Rim Walk

Later we went for the caldera walk along the volcano crater. The crater was a humongous 14 km wide! I had never known that a crater can be so big! If it decided to erupt (remember it’s an active volcano), we have no chance of survival. In fact there were a few places near the rim where smoke was coming out and we could feel the warmth! Somebody shouted – natural sauna!

The Descent

The descent was quick like any other trek. However, as the path was a ted slippery because of the loose rocks, we had to ne careful. Nevertheless we reached the base in about 1 hour.

Midway we saw lake Batur which is now visible and at a distance was the black lava of a previous eruption from Mount Agung that wiped out an entire village in 1963.

We reached our hotel at 10:00 am and after taking a much needed shower and another round of breakfast went into a slumber with and aching body but a great sense of accomplishment.

the descent

Things to Remember:

  1. Wear good shoes – running shoes will work
  2. Wear trekking pants / loose pants
  3. Cotton wear
  4. Bring along a light jacket – it gets chilly up there, although you won’t require it during the trek as you will perspire!
  5. Do not forget your camera

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