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Health Benefits of Olive Oil


Archeological evidence shows that olives were turned into olive oil by 6000 BC in present day Greece and parts of Israel. A major constituent in Mediterranean cuisine, today olive oil is extensively used across the globe. It might come as a surprise but this beautiful golden liquid is known to possess several health benefits. Whether you are using it as a food or applying it on skin and hair – you are bound to benefit in a lost many ways. So what are the benefits of consuming olive oil? Here’s a look:

buy Gabapentin 300mg capsules Olive Oil and Cancer

Several researches have proved that olive oil has anti-cancer properties. Regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil is known to fight against certain types of cancers such as prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. Presence of oleic acid and hydroxytrysol are known to decrease the risk of breast cancer in women. It has also been reported that a diet rich in olive oil also acts as a preventive measure to bowel and prostate cancer.

follow link Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A scientific journal Diabetes Care has demonstrated that Mediterranean diet which is rich in olive oil can reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes by almost 50 percent as compared to a diet that is low in fats. If you are on the borderline area of type II diabetes, you must take 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis.

buy provigil online legit  Prevention of Heart Diseases

Regular intake of olive oil is known to reduce the levels of cholesterol that contributes to heart disease to a great extent. Studies have also proven that blood pressure can also be under control if one includes olive oil in his or her diet. Apart from these, researches have also proved olive oil consumption reduces the process of age growth.

May Aid in Weight Loss

It is an absolute myth that olive oil increases weight; rather regular consumption of olive oil can help in weight loss to a great extent. Researches in the west have long proven this idea that olive oil can actually help in reducing weight. Olive oil keeps you full for a longer time thereby reducing your hunger pangs. It is also known to reduce carvings for sugar and sweets among human beings.

tricor 50 mg xanax  Improves Bone Health

Since olive oil helps in the absorption of calcium, it actually works wonders while it comes to improving bone health as olive oil assists in the process of calcification. Properties of olive oil are also effective in people who are suffering from osteoporosis.

Protection against Depression

Surprised?  Well, however it is a fact that consumption of olive oil helps one in becoming emotionally quiet strong; according to research conducted in the Spanish institute named University of Navarra, regular intake of olive oil in any form may help reducing depression considerably.

Improved Brain Function

According to a study in France, olive oil has a huge positive impact on cognitive functions; the study showed that language fluency increased in individuals who were following a diet strict on olive oil.

Olive Oil is known to Prevent Skin Cancer

Another recent study found that olive oil contributed to the prevention of malignant melanoma. Olive oil consumption can help reduce the risk of developing the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, olive oil is also known to act as a preventive measure in Alzheimer’s Disease, osteoporosis and even rheumatoid arthritis.

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