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H.A.I.L. Happily :-)


The human voice is powerful enough to appease someone or start a war. It is an instrument we all play.
How can we speak powerfully so that others love to listen to us?

Julian Treasure in his Ted Talk: How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

suggests there are seven habits that we need to move away from:

1. Gossip – speaking ill of somebody who’s not present.
2. Judging – to express unwanted opinions
3. Negativity – it’s hard to listen to someone who is negative.
4. Complaining – A “viral misery”, it does not spread sunshine and happiness
5. Blame – not take responsibility for actions and pass it to everybody else.
6. Exaggeration – it sometimes turns to lying and we don’t want to listen to people we know are lying to us.
7. Dogmatism – the confusion of facts with opinions.

So, how do we speak in ways that others would listen to us?
– Be HONEST – being true in what we say, being straight and clear – speak the truth to respect their feelings but not to hurt their feelings
– Be AUTHENTIC – by just being ourselves. “Standing in our own truth”
– Display INTEGRITY – making our words count – doing what we say and being someone people can trust
– Show LOVE – wishing everyone well – being nice and considerate.

Let us be people that will H.A.I.L. others Happily 🙂

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