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From Narendra Modi: #ISeeHope



The young boy works in a small tea shop. His entire day is spent running from here to there, delivering tea to other shops, cleaning cups and plates, managing clients. At night he tries to study. He does not, better say can not go to school because his father is very ill, his mother works as maid but they do not get any facility since her income is Rs 50 a day, therefore he has to work.

But I see hope. I see hope that boy can be the prime minister of India one day, I see hope that one day his mother will be respected by the nation, one day that boy will light the entire India who once struggled to light his own house.

Yes, I am talking about hope. I see hope and I see it through the eyes of our PM, Narendra Modi.

Though India is a democratic country, we hardly have ever acted so. Where a particular strong family established absolute monarchy in the country, the political party was defined by name of that family, this time we truly changed that, this time the country really has become democratic & this is the reason I see hope.

I hope because I know this change will bring something to India and its good to be optimistic. I know this man is known for his words, this man does not give diplomatic answer, he is firm on his decisions, he knows what he does and he can take his own decision without keeping his mother in the loop. I know this man will not be a puppet of someone else.

The man who once were not allowed by USA to visit their country is now being invited by Barack Obama himself. I can see things are already changing and it will keep changing for a better India. This man has already proved himself with the vibrant Gujarat story and we all know what he is capable of.

This is the reason I see hope and I request all to hope, hope for a better India, hope for a brighter day. I hope after 5 years girls will not be scared to go out of home after 10 pm, I hope the literacy rate of the country will be more than 90%, I hope even distribution of wealth of our country will be equivalent, I hope the girl child will be as adored as a boy.

PM Narendra Modi, I am a common man of this country and just like me, so many people see a hope through your eyes, are you listening?


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