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Since 1947 on 15th, August of every year, we are celebrating the Independence Day of our country. Each state of the country is celebrating this great day in different ways. Most of the people of country are also enjoying the celebration of independence in their own ways. But the important question is that what type of freedom we are enjoying? Are we enjoying true freedom? No. Not at all. May be some people are enjoying freedom but not all of us. For most of the people there are barriers in each and every step of their honest ways of deeds and social life.There may be different definition for different people but according to my own view the best definition of true freedom should be:-

For individual, freedom must be neither more nor less than to have equal opportunities to choose his/ her own way to perform his, her deeds with the only aim of the scientific progress, welfare and beautification of all the living beings and the beautification of the nature in totality.

No man in the universe should be free to do any such thing or to perform such deeds in his life which have any inverse effect directly or indirectly on the lives of other people personally, socially or even naturally.

Freedom and racism cannot co-exist. Freedom may be for a person, family, society, community, state or country with the supper value of humanity only.

A man may be free to do anything in his life only when he is living alone without having any type of relationship with any other person or any such thing which relates directly or indirectly to the other people but in such a case the man will lose the quality of being human.

There is no meaning or value of freedom for a man who is living extremely in loneliness. Freedom has meaning only for a man when he is living in a family, society.

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