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#flopkart : Bansals take a bow


Did you gamble on 6th? I did at the Flipkart table. The Bansals sparked off the Diwali season of ‘good luck’ by giving millions of Indians the experience of gambling on Flipkart.

Now if you’ve ever gambled, you know there are always more losers than winners, and losers whine a lot. So newsfeeds, tweets and streams screamed #flopkart #bigbillionscam.

While, raging social storms are fairly common in India’s new found arm-chair social media activism, the unprecedented manner in which Flipkart captivated all news media could equal any national elections in intensity.

India was outraged, but don’t you get outraged only when it matters? On 6th, India realized that a website that used to sell books mattered, Flipkart mattered.

Their competitors – the domestic competition from north and also a global big daddy, unwittingly helped the cause by spending millions of $s to tell consumers that they were a better option. In the process only helping elevate Flipkart. A brick retail chain reacted (as expected 24-hrs later) with a few more millions spent in a cheeky ad expounding their consumer trust in a communication most consumers would never understand! Hey, even this website got glory and national fame for just publishing one article on Flipkart!

On 6th, India’s 1st technology brand arrived; we got our Facebook, Google or Windows when Flipkart got a reaction in the same league as any one of them.

Remember, I started by saying I gambled, I lost. But the fun of gambling keeps users coming back. On 6th, Flipkart surpassed FB visitors in India, on 6th, Flipkart gambled and won, Bansals take a bow!

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