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Exploring Goa – XXVIII – Cancona Island


When the sunset show has finished over the Arabian sea, its a good time to watch over to your right and see how Cancona island looks in the backdrop of the sunset.

406664_10150553465235860_1277795486_nCancona Island, starts making you feel a bit like Robinson Crusoe.

383030_10150553462625860_107060723_nWhen the sun is down, make your way to the zillion shacks on the beach and perch yourself at a view where the moonlight basks over the Arabian sea. It helps create the illusion that your drink is bottomless(made up myth).

390934_10150553463560860_510537215_nAs you wander along the beach(Palolem), you will see a wonderfully lit up world.

390714_10150553463715860_1656578734_nUsually nights  have an air of chill around it. The fire place was useful to keep things warm, apart from the warmth the couples generated over a candle light dinner.

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