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Exploring Goa – XIII – Baga Creek


go to site purchase Lyrica cheap Kartik Kannan, continues his series on Goa, moving Northward from Condolim to Baga Beach- The beach where all of India lands up in search of a party in the night, and banana boat rides during the day! This write up however will steer clear away from the beach, and focus on the path around the Baga Creek.

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If you’ve seen enough scenery on the road, then it’s a good time to get into a restaurant and connect with all the sporting action happening around the world. This was taken at a restaurant opposite, the famous Cavala restaurant on the road to Baga beach.

Exploring Baga-2

If you look deeper through the Green, you are bound to see some fancy designs craving for your attention. I saw a Flintstones type resort as I ambled across the creek for a lazy morning walk in search of a brunch.

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Baga has a lovely creek adjoining its beach that empties out into the Arabian Sea. The greenery around the creek gets amplified during the monsoon season. This is the quieter part of Baga, away from the loud noise and market vibe that otherwise dominates an experience at Baga.

Exploring Baga-4

It’s always a good time for siesta, or as the Goans call it – ‘Sussegaad’. The idyllic surroundings with the creek below, and the laid back trees in the background, is just the kind of surrounding, you would want to stop, rest and admire the Goan greenery on offer.

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The Baga Creek is home to quite a few pricey resorts, which cuts out the noise and mayhem that one associates with the road leading to the beach. It’s a good place, if you need your space in Goa for a relaxing vacation, while you are a quick 5 minute Scooty ride away from the chaos of Baga Beach.

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The Baga creek’s ending features in the bollywood movie ‘Dum Maro Dum’ ( buy Lyrica europe in a scene where Pratik Babbar meets Anaitha Nair, when he learns of her admission to a foreign university). While one end empties into the Arabian sea, the other end takes you on the road to Anjuna and Arpora.

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