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Expanding Gravitas of Modi’s India Story!

PM Modi has done it again and again in the last 12 months. With a great vision and great oratory, he enthralls audiences across the globe (as he did across India to get BJP a landslide victory in Lok Sabha Polls).

And the net take aways from all these have been fantastic for India. In a globalized world, the projection of a positive India story with gravitas has started paying good dividends. In SAARC region its obvious too. Except for Pakistan which remains as recalcitrant as ever till it self-destructs!

I never felt so upbeat on India, both at home and abroad. And Modi-ism is the key. JAM, MII, SB and a host of other structural initiatives have certainly ushered an Era of New Reforms.

Its a matter of a few more months and we should see bigger results on the ground especially for the masses. With Land Bill and GST in final works stage, India is on the cusp of a big socio-economic revolution. India sure has got a Big Break now and we must make the most of it notwithstanding our varying political faiths !

PM Modi has certainly given India a big chance! Lets give him his due and work for a Swachh, Swasth, and Samruddh Bharat.

Jai Ho

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