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Ernakulum Trip-Diary – Part 3

After having managed to board the train to Ernakulum just on time and then finding no good company around him, Kartik Kannan in this third part writes how he became a butt of jokes of the females around. The first and the second part can be found here and here.

elavil price walmart But none of the above happened, as I was just imagining all that.. and when the TTR came to check my tickets, I furtively glanced at the small family and much to my consternation, these girls were still laughing with her dad often giving me looks of derision.

I also figured out that these girls were looking at the region between my stomach and thighs… GOD !!! Have girls become so open in their behavior and so vulgar that they do this openly with their dad …seeming to support them in this lascivious adventure. Well, I just wondered did the girls take the human rights/Liberation/equality topics a little too seriously..Wanting to match guys eye to eye for all the staring at body parts that we pruriently pass of as “ F U N “ …. So was I being Adam Teased????

Since I have this recently acquire habit of seeing things in a positive sense, I started to look at this as a situation which could make me famous. If Elton John had the first gay marriage …then perhaps I could make history.. by being the first guy to be Adam Teased.

Shhhhhhhhhh…… was what I said to myself …as I decided to focus some attention back on the book that still was crying for my attention..even as I was diverted by some low percentage thoughts. I open and my book look for a line to start and all of a sudden this..script seems different to read…and slowly my brains gain traction and I realize that ALL THIS WHILE I HAD THE BOOK UPSIDE DOWN…and while I sheepishly turned the book to its rightful position…the silence was broken by another group giggling session.

That was it … if ever embarrassment had an Everest.. I was proudly standing atop that …and wanting to put an immediate end to my misery, I climb to the upper berth and lay myself flat and switch on the earphones….only to enter another dream world where actually Dia Mirza,Ash and Mallika are all in the train. Now to narrate that , I would have to make a movie of the 12B types and note bore you further.

So here ends day 1 of the trip. Will post day 2 shots sometime tomorrow which would not have so much happening as as I was quite occupied shooting pictures

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