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Ernakulum Trip-Diary – Part 2

In the second part of the trip, Kartik continues his journey on a train, having seen a girls name in the charts. The first part talking about his journey to Railway Station can be found here.

I did a quick glance from 61 to 64 and the selective amnesia that I have totally missed out 65.Did expectations soar ? I strode like Julius Ceaser victoriously inside the coach and just stayed there for a few seconds mentally forming a picture what the booty was to look like inside. This was with 30 seconds to go for the train. All of a sudden, a man rushed from the nearby snack shop, disturbing my thoughts and murmured something in Malayalam, which I could not figure out…but I could briefly assume that his stare said the following “What the heck were you blocking the way for, were you assuming tat your kind help would be solicited by a girl in a hurry to board the train in true DDLJ style (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge).

As said before , I had noticed a number 65…and little did I realize that this was going to cost me my peace for the rest of the journey. As soon as I neared my seat, I saw a bearish creature giving robotic instructions to his daughters. Yup the dad of the three girls was with them and all my grandiose plans of eye exercise had just been quashed like a lemon when a vehicle goes over it. My adam’s apple moved a notch lower and kept vacillating up and down.Rubbing further salt into the injury was the fact that the girls who I had imagined to be Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza and Mallika Sherawat (in no particular order) turned out quite on the contrary.

I felt like a hot air balloon brought to the ground and swore never to look again in that direction. I took up a novel and pretended I was engrossed in it, while my mind was heavily reflecting on this bad stroke of luck. All of a sudden I heard giggles and from what the corner of my eye told me, they were looking at me and giggling. I consoled myself saying “all girls giggle for some strange reason and such events should not be entertained by any thoughts of the attraction quotient, unless and until the girl’s eyes are powerful enough to attract me, than a magnet would do to iron filings.

5 minutes into the journey, the girl was still giggling and staring at me. I just wanted to take a peek at the girl, more so my conscience assuring me that the nubile 23 year old was not all that ugly as my Cornea had perceived her to be. It was more out of the fear of her bearish, boorish dad that my eyes were thinking twice to change the angle of inclination from the book to the girl. But Alas nor would chemistry work neither would trigonometry work…as the angle of depression stayed with gazing lifelessly at the book, while the mind was harboring a 100 hopeless thoughts.

It’s in such a situation when a girl is with her father that you realize that a girl can actually stare at you endlessly, but when a guy wants to return the compliments, he expects the line of sight to be a highway where only colors red and pink exist. The serene peace of the highway vision is all of a sudden eroded by a much stronger deadly vision from the father…who seems to honk loudly …reminding the boy that this highway is not so nice after all… and the guy in such situations practices the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi by practicing non violence in the most peaceful way by pretending he is sleeping to avoid any more battles of eye contact.


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